Mr Zsolt feat. Rudy Cardenas “Lemme Be Your Man”

Mr ZsoltArtist:
Norbert Szucs
Add Date:
February 18, 2016


Collaboration is a beautiful thing. Not only does it bring together ambitious artists bringing out the best in each other, but it also yields unexpected results in the process. Take for example the new “Lemme Be Your Man” single by Hungary’s Mr. Zsolt. As a guitarist and band leader, he is wise enough to know that when it comes to delivering a top notch vocal performance, he has a deep pool of friends to pull from. Enter Rudy Cardenas on vocals. His emotive delivery pulls everything together into a hybrid of country, rock and pop that transcends both musical and geographic boundaries.

The driving force and creative source behind Mr. Zsolt’s work is the accomplished multiple platinum album composer and music producer Norbert Szucs who, together with gifted lyricist Peter Linka, conceived the rich emotional world of this moving single.

“Lemme Be Your Man” is is chock of style, swagger, and substance. The video seamlessly dances between vibrant, bright, and colorful performance shots of Zsolt, Cardenas & co. and a black and white storyline following a heartbreak on the mend. As the band does their thing the story unfolds of a beautiful young lady making her exit from an exquisite estate, while her man stays behind, clearly having lots of heavy thoughts on his mind.

As the video progresses, and with only a simple note saying “I’m sorry” to be seen, their thoughts are on each other. Whatever may have caused them to grow apart is nowhere near as strong as the feelings they have for each other. As their scenes slowly turn from black and white to color, they set off to find each other once again. This time, they’ll never let go.

All the while, the band puts on a blistering performance that is equals parts energy and quiet confidence. The collaboration, with Mr. Zsolt expertly executing his role as band leader, and Cardenas stepping out front and center as the voice of this collaboration is a winner on so many levels. Their chemistry is obvious as they shine in their individual roles but also know that it’s the teamwork that makes this dream work.

We’re very excited to be working with Mr. Zsolt to bring you this exceptional new video. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, or email .

Mr Zsolt