Me Without You “Bullet To Binary”

Me Without YouArtist:
Shane C. Drake
Add Date:
September 8, 2003


Me Without You are five hard-rocking young men from Philadelphia, recording on the Tooth & Nail label. Their debut full-length CD, (A to B)Life was produced by the highly respected J. Robbins ( Burning Airlines, Jawbox). The song “Bullet to Binary” flirts with hardcore, but maintains enough of the indie spirit to defy easy characterization. Built around the sibling team of Aaron and Mike Weiss (lead vocals and guitar, respectively), Me Without You brings a kind of rugged individualism to a style of songwriting that is all too often formulaic and cliche-ridden.

The video clip is infused with the same spirit. It’s based on the classic children’s book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein (a fine songwriter himself – his “A Boy Named Sue” and “On the Cover of The Rolling Stone”) .The performance footage is crisply shot in a brilliantly sunlit rural setting which creates a lively contrast to the band’s somber attire, just as the bucolic serenity contrasts with the driving energy of the performance itself. These scenes are intercut with a series of poignant monochromatic vignettes depicting the stages in man’s life from bright-eyed youth to weary and reflective old age. The song and the video form a tightly concentrated, unified whole, bristling with the kind of passionate energy the band bring to their live shows with not a wasted or superflous note, shot or cut.

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