Mychael Gabriel “Sunday Afternoon”

Mychael Gabriel
“Sunday Afternoon”
Directed by Mychael Gabriel
Mark Of The Angel
Add date – 12/21/2022

About Mychael Gabriel

A composer, lyricist, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist all rolled into one, Mychael Gabriel has built a career founded and guided by the element of surprise. His music constantly begs the question, “what doesn’t he do?”.

With cosmic versatility and an entire ecosystem of talent—songwriting, vocals, guitar, drums, production, and more—Mychael Gabriel has constructed a discography which cannot be contained. He has also lended his artistic aptitude in collaborations with fellow musicians such as, Stevie Wonder, Ringo Starr, Hans Zimmer, Usher, John Legend, Snoop Dogg, Beck, Common, Gary Clark Jr., and St. Vincent… just to name a few.

Most recently, the Minneapolis magician wrote, recorded, and produced the ambitious GENESIS—an album exploring the breadth of human experience, bending genres and guitar strings along the way.

About the “Sunday Afternoon” video

At times heartbreaking, and others tender, Mychael Gabriel’s “Sunday Afternoon” deftly navigates the highs and lows of a relationship through a melody of piercing lyrics that are as seamless as they are true.

And the man’s talents don’t stop there. Mychael Gabriel flexes once more to direct the music video for Sunday Afternoon, an artful contemplation of the contradictions of intimate relationships. Amidst the late autumn beauty of what must be Minnesota’s lake-dappled plains, Gabriel encounters a veiled woman in the spacious plains. Take in the striking red of her robing juxtaposed over golden shoots of dying grass—it’s oozing with intention without being heavy handed, showing us we’re not just listening to “some musician” but encountering a true, well-rounded artist. Come for the music, stay for the revelation.

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We’re blessed to once again team up with our pal Mychael Gabriel to champion him and the “Sunday Afternoon” music video! Spreading the word is our greatest pleasure and we thank you in advance for considering Mychael for your programming and online presentations. If you have any questions or would like us to send some Mychael Gabriel merch for contests and giveaways, reach out to the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or The album Genesis is out now and it is one you’ll be sure to want to have. To find out more about this gifted creative, visit

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