Najjah Calibur “Celebrate”

Najjah Calibur
Directed by Dan Barker
NajjahsWorld Entertainment
Add date – 10/21/2022

About Najjah Calibur

In sales, you don’t have long to build rapport with people or lure them into what you have to say. Charisma engages audiences quickly and authentically, making it impossible for them to walk away without buying what you’re selling. Najjah Calibur once excelled in sales, fully embodying those instinctive traits, but now he’s putting his charm to better use in the music business. Not only is Calibur performing his music at the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, he’s hosting the whole event. With his contagious enthusiasm, it is no wonder he is an international, award-winning host, which carries over into his artistry as he thrives on entertaining a crowd. His previous single, “I’m Good,” was overflowing with optimism, yet he raised the bar higher with his new party-perfect hit, “Celebrate.”

About “Celebrate”

There’s no shortage of positive vibrations coming from this song, and at this point in his life, Calibur has a lot to celebrate: hosting and performing in Qatar this November, being engaged to his lovely fiance, caring for his sweet baby girl, and other personal life milestones. And people near and far can finally celebrate coming out of over two years of pandemic disarray. The upbeat EDM track and uplifting lyrics materialize the joy of celebrating these events – and then some. Calibur’s excitement and zest for life will inspire listeners to sing and dance along. With such a short dance in the sun, we need to remember to celebrate every day and not take anything for granted, and “Celebrate” captures that advice to its maximum.

About the video

Calibur’s enthusiasm for life precedes him wherever he goes. Whether delivering “Celebrate” from a boat floating with a skyline backdrop, an epic poolside party bash, or on top of parked cars alone in a parking lot, his musicianship and confidence flourish. The 360-degree shots are awe-inspiring, perfect for getting all of Calibur’s surroundings in a unique, intoxicatingly creative way that lends something to the theme of celebrating who you are, wherever you are, and taking full advantage of living in the present moment. Ultimately, this music video shows what it means to let go and live it up with your genuine self on plain display, just like Calibur. 

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It’s always our pleasure championing Najjah Calibur, and we’re quite smitten with his brand new “Celebrate” music video. Be sure to tune into the World Cup to see Calibur in action, and be on the lookout for his upcoming projects, including a potential EP or album in the planning stages. Thank you for considering this well crafted new music video for your programming and online presentations, it is very much appreciated. If you would like some Najjah Calibur merchandise for contests and giveaways, reach out to HIP at or 732-613-1779. For more information about Najjah Calibur, visit

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