Neko DeShawn “Too Much”

Neko DeShawn
“Too Much”  Music Video
Directed by Henry Ariza
Add date – 09/09/19

About Neko DeShawn

Hailing from the “Twin City” of Saint Paul, MN, Neko Deshawn is ready to make an impression on the rap game with his debut video, “Too Much.” Channeling jazz ethos through brass-laced instrumentals and unapologetic realism through direct delivery, the song is a take on the busyness of life and how everyday responsibilities can pile up and appear overwhelming. Deshawn exhibits frustration at having been robbed of his peace of mind by life’s constant vicissitudes, and pleads for its return with the hook “Shut the fuck up please, I need some silence.” He wants to rest, and “Too Much” is his chance to vent some dissatisfaction over not getting what he wants.

Like J. Cole or A$AP Rocky, Deshawn’s raps are conscious of his reality, taking the listener down a stroll in his shoes to see that reality through his perspective. At the end of “Too Much,” listeners have a better idea of who Deshawn is and why he’s rapping. They are soon able to relate to his annoyance and anxiety and beg him to tell them more about how he feels. Neko Deshawn is a layered rapper who fans want to break open to see what deep and emotional ruminations are inside of him.

“Too Much” is the lead single off of Neko Deshawn’s debut EP, The Year 8088. Deshawn is currently working as fervently as he can to promote the record and hopes that his fans appreciate the depth of his work.

About the video

The “Too Much” video is an inside look at the commitments Neko Deshawn has on an average day. Starting in bed, the video follows him from place to place as he engages with the different people in his world. He doesn’t have a moment to decompress. The camera quickly shifts from scene to scene to convey how busy Deshawn is, creating such exhaustion that he collapses to the ground and stays there to get the rest he desired. “Too Much” is all about a busy day and Neko Deshawn gives us precisely that in this video.

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