NIGHT “Charlottesville”

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Rikard Westman/ Elvis Photography
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August 1, 2018


Powerhouse duo NIGHT have woken up and are ready to start their creative journey. Originally from Sweden, Adam Sabani and Gustaf Johansson take inspiration from classic 80s dream-pop artists as they unite in a form of everlasting friendship and partnership. Constantly working off of each other, Sabani and Johansson call upon a blend of vocal artists to perform their written word as they stay in the background.

Adam (lyrics and music) and Gustaf (arrangement and production) have been friends since the age of fourteen; they bonded over their love for music. By painting their own dream, they can be compared to some of their biggest inspirations including Depeche Mode and Talk Talk.

NIGHT’s debut single “Charlottesville”, featuring the phenomenal baritone voice of Spanish artist Guillem Duquette, was written by Sabani as a reaction to the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia last August. The track calls upon civilians to stand up and fight back against to bigotry, hatred, and the trivialization of right wing extremism carried out by the President after the event. As the anniversary of the riots is coming up in August, with more demonstrations in Charlottesville and DC sure to come, there is a timeliness in the release of the song.

In the “Charlottesville” video Guillem Duquette calls out to a higher power, using his vocal performance to match the tone of unwilling acceptance. The visual is about a young man’s fear, frustration, and panic in reaction to violence. NIGHT emerges from the shadows as the lyric “aftermath” haunts over the chord progression as the visuals display a fiery uproar. The sonic content pairs perfectly with the visual message as Guillem has to once again watch the horror unfold as it is shoved in his face. His acceptance is not taken lightly as his expressions grow in shock and intensity with every transition.

We can’t wait to hear more of NIGHT as they experiment with different genres, sounds and production, and we’re ecstatic to be sharing this wonderfully crafted, fully realized “Charlottesville” visual with the world. We hope you embrace this clip like we have and consider adding it to your regular programming and online presentations in a timely fashion. Rest assured we’ll have plenty of NIGHT merch available for on-air contests and giveaways so don’t hesitate to get in touch. For more information on NIGHT, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or email us at Visit and for the latest updates on NIGHT.