NYA “Side Effects”

“Side Effects”
Directed by Nick Lumarque
Add date – 10/21/2022

About NYA

Gifted with a remarkable voice that sits at the crossroads of soul and alternative pop, genre-bending artist NYA has been crafting multi-layered hits that touch on human existence in a refreshing new way. Based between Los Angeles, Paris, and Uruguay, the artist brings together an eclectic mix of sounds that resonate with audiences all over the world. Her dedication to mastering the art has allowed her to experiment with a dynamic hybrid of musical influences that heighten the emotional atmosphere she creates with her sound. Hits such as “Closer Than Close” and “The Real You” highlight her incredible ability to transition between evocative ballads and effervescent pop melodies. Her latest single, “Side Effects,” provides an introspective take on the constricted norms surrounding adulthood.

About the “Side Effects” video

Singing directly from her heart in an elegant black dress and high-tops, Nya performs “Side Effects” live. Backed by haunting piano and guitar instrumentals, Nya’s gorgeous, soulful vocals bring depth to the carefully woven lyrics. The song speaks to growing up and the ever-evolving perspective of maturity and adulthood. It all comes down to what each person values in life and what path they choose to walk. Nya describes, “That true path could be the picket fence or something much wilder, but so many people never really have the opportunity to define that for themselves. I want to make sure that I do”. Carrying the spirit of childhood deep within her, NYA approaches her music with a sense of playfulness and power that has a healing force. “Side Effect” presents an incredible testament to NYA’s artistry, and is truly an unforgettable performance.

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NYA is bringing soul and spirit back to the mainstream, and we couldn’t be happier to help her secure more attention for the “Side Effect” video! Please let us know what we can do to secure a spot for this terrific visual in your programming and online presentations or if you’d like to receive some stylish NYA merchandise for contests and giveaways. Many thanks for considering this new visual, and we encourage you to include it at your earliest convenience. To reach out to us, please email info@hipvideopromo.com or call 732-613-1779. For more information on NYA, visit  www.THISISNYA.com.

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