One Less Reason “Uneasy”

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Sean Babas
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January 18, 2013 

HIP Video Promo presents a heartfelt video from the Jackson, Tennessee quartet known as One Less Reason—a band who delivers deep and meaningful hard rock music. Their latest albumA Blueprint For Writhing includes tracks of gritty, hard-hitting anthems that prove to be poignant, poetic ballads, including the meaningful, yet creative track for the newest video clip “Uneasy.”

One Less Reason has released four albums since their formation in 2003. They have cumulatively exceeded impressive digital sales totaling over four hundred thousand, while performing on stages alongside contemporary artists such as Shinedown, Seether, OneRepublic, and Fuel. The album Faces & Four Letter Words was released independently in August 2010 debuting at the number one spot on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. After teaming up with Arsenic Records, One Less Reason went back into the studio with producer Chris Henderson of 3 Doors down and re-recorded the album Faces & Four Letter Words with added tracks spanning their career.

Lead singer Cris Brown expresses that there’s a certain memory behind every riff, chorus, and bass groove of the band’s powerfully driven music: “One Less Reason songs are more lyrically heavy than musically heavy, and there’s always a message.” The official One Less reason video clip for “Uneasy” is from their newest EP A Blueprint For Writhing. The band will be donating all revenue collected from views as well as all revenue raised through digital sales of the song “Uneasy” to the victims of Hurricane Sandy during 2012’s devastating catastrophe.

The clip begins with an introductory statement, explaining “On September 17th, 1982, a Mercedes was driven off the road by a drunk driver in the small town of Almena, Kansas. The driver was killed on impact after the car had hit a tree.” Featuring the fantastic and mesmerizing vocals of Blair Simpson, “Uneasy” is a solemn creation of a song that inspires all to recognize the powerful actions of saying goodbye. With a setting on a farmland near a house filled with sorrowful memories, we watch as a young woman who has lost the love of her life tries to take on life without her soul mate. These scenes of sadness and gloom are reminders to embrace the ones we love, and the lyrics of “Uneasy” tell the story of someone trying to hold on. As One Less Reason says goodbye with lyrics that revolve around loss, they create an atmosphere of mourning, but inspire those who have experienced these emotions to continue on and to commend those who have suffered and are gone, but not forgotten.

The powerful lyrics of One Less Reason’s music are anecdotes for survival. The rock inspired ballads are teeming with experimental elements that echo all types of different genres. One Less Reason is a band that emanates contemporary rock music, and maintains their powerful appreciation for everlasting emotions within the concept of their new album A Blueprint For Writhing. For more information on One Less Reason and their new video for “Uneasy,” please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at

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