OpenSoul “Blue Christmas”

“Blue Christmas”
Directed by Steven Bernard
Add date – 11/17/2023

About OpenSoul

In a music industry full of ghost writers, auto-tune, and prickly personalities, an artist like Jamaica’s OpenSoul is one-in-a-million, an absolute breath of fresh air. Not only does this rising star from Negril have angelic pipes, infectious aesthetic, and intuitive songwriting skills—he’s also just an authentically good person. If gratitude made a sound, it might sound like OpenSoul.

Even before his music career took off, OpenSoul was featured on the generational Netflix hit “Top Boys”. Then, while producing and songwriting alongside his pal and fellow Jamaican phenom Andon, OpenSoul first graced the world with his tropical-infused R&B by performing at resorts around the island. Now boasting a burgeoning Instagram following of over 20k believers, OpenSoul is poised to pop off big-time. His overlooked catalog of steamy, dreamy bangers is sure to keep fans intrigued while they await his sure-fire blessing of a debut album, due out early next year.

About the “Blue Christmas” video

Ultimately, OpenSoul is a man of the moment—and this moment every year calls for new Christmas tunes to keep the season bright. With his single “Blue Christmas” OpenSoul shrugs off Elvis and confidently claims this title for his original track. Never one to shy from complex emotions, the casually masterful songwriter crafts a balance between holiday hopes and mellifluous melancholy. For a song dedicated to Santa, “Blue Christmas” is sure to get everyone in the mood, especially with those undeniable falsetto riffs.

Fans are cozying up to Steven Bernard’s equally masterful music video for “Blue Christmas” to hone in on their holiday hopes and the vibes are strong. Amidst palm trees and twinkle lights, OpenSoul welcomes us to his homeland for some sultry seasonal glee. Bernard’s patient camerawork elevates a simple cinematographic concept to create an instant classic. Let’s get ready to hear a new “Blue Christmas” for years to come.

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