Page Sevii “Cheat Codes”

Page Sevii
“Cheat Codes”
Directed by Michael Swanson
Visionary Visions
Add date – 12/3/2021

About Page Sevii

With the onset of a global pandemic, Page Sevii found himself in a creative awakening unlike any other. The difficult time of isolation and separation sparked his love for producing lyrically conscious music, and he quickly became dedicated to being a true student of the game. He pulls inspiration from a wide variety of genres and artists, including Drake, Lauryn Hill, and The Isely Brothers. Though the artist is in his early stages, still discovering his sound and honing in on his craft, you’ll quickly come to find that Page Sevii has that raw talent that makes him destined to be known. With “Cheat Codes,” Page Sevii is looking to elevate the minds of his audience and help them find their way to their dreams.

About the video

Escape to a higher state of mind in the music video for “Cheat Codes” that captures the essence of Colorado. Page Sevii takes us on a trek through picturesque mountain valleys, icy caverns, and cannabis grow houses as he lets his easygoing lyrics flow. Serving as a harmonious blend of both R&B and hip-hop, “Cheat Codes” represents finding the formula for success. The song features a chilled-out beat overlayed with uplifting bars that emphasize evolving and developing the ambition to pursue your dreams. Take one listen to this track, and you’ll discover a mature voice with well-crafted lyrics and instrumentals. Considering that this is Page Sevii’s first-ever visual, the artist sets the bar high in creative vision and direction. Bask in Colorado’s breathtaking scenery and go on a trip of a lifetime with Page Sevii in “Cheat Codes.”

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