Paris Raine “Free”

Paris Raine
Directed by Ned Caderni
Big Limbo
Add date – 8/4/2021

It might be written in the stars, it might be a product of aesthetic compatibility, and it might just be a happy accident. But we believe certain filmmakers and certain musicians are destined to work together. Some composers have a cinematic vision, and some movies require a sensitive score; when a songwriter with a distinctive, evocative sound meets a director with an expansive imagination, the results can be downright rapturous. Paris Raine and Ned Caderni share an appreciation of mood, a deep understanding of the emotional power of music, and a pleasantly offbeat sensibility. Raine was the ideal person to score Caderni’s short film “Seagull,” and with the lush, gorgeous video for “Free,” Raine’s latest single, Caderni returns the favor.

About Paris Raine

They’re continuing a collaboration that has already proven to be a critical and artistic success. “Seagull” was showered with awards at film festivals, and Paris Raine’s soundtrack was singled out for approbation. The short film is a ghost story, and the “Free” video extends the haunted, destabilized feeling of the celebrated score. It’s also an ideal match for Paris Raine’s music, which is artful and exploratory without ever being ostentatious about it. Raine is taking the listener on a dream-drenched, kaleidoscopic trip — one that nods to shoegaze, beautifully damaged post-punk, early ’00s art-rock like Sigur Ros and Bjork, leftfield electronic jazz, and even a bit of avant-garde classical music. The track is graced by Paris Raine’s gentle, artfully muffled vocal performance, which communicates volumes of emotion with each inflection and each melodic turn. The result is a track designed to draw the listener in deeper, whisper secrets, and leave an impression that lingers long after it’s ended.

About the video

Paris Raine lives in Shoreham, one of the prettiest hill towns in Kent, and he’s always been inspired by the beauty and mystery of the woods. He and Ned Caderni take to the English countryside to bring the “Free” clip to life in verdant color. But much as Paris Raine’s music is a meeting of the bucolic and the electronic, the video for “Free” makes good use of digital manipulation. Raine is depicted as a man who can never quite get where he’s going. No sooner does he set out on a trail than the camera yanks him back to the beginning. Sometimes he’s allowed to make some progress down his dirt trail, and sometimes the cuts come so quickly that they’re positively head-spinning. Caderni also shuffles shots of strange artifacts into his footage of the star, which heightens the sense of bewilderment. It’s a fascinating, mesmerizing, endlessly re-watchable clip — a worthy successor to “Seagull,” and a perfect accompaniment to Paris Raine’s intoxicating composition. 

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