Petit Biscuit “Sunset Lover (Orchestral)”


Petit Biscuit
“Sunset Lover (Orchestral)”
Directed by Jonathan Bertin
Add date – 6/23/2023

About Petit Biscuit

Prolific music producer Petit Biscuit is back and better than ever with a reimagined version of his beloved electro-pop anthem “Sunset Lover”. Many may know the French DJ and musician by his whimsical creations that have acted as soundtracks to everyone’s lives since 2015. With 4 Billion career streams and his breakout hit “Sunset Lover” achieving an astonishing milestone of 15 times platinum certification worldwide, Petit Biscuit has delighted audiences around the globe with his captivating melodies and distinct sound. He has the innate ability to capture people’s hearts through eclectic songs and visuals.

Petit Biscuit combines electronica and classical music complemented by eccentric production and vocals. His process results in remarkable sounds that transcend time and space. His understanding of versatile music styles has led him to produce music videos that capture the significance of adventure and reflection. “Sunset Lover Orchestral” rises above genres, barriers, languages, and borders—evoking feelings of pure love and optimism. This tribute music video will undoubtedly follow in the footsteps of its antecedent as it pays homage to the joy that the original track spreads worldwide.  

About the “Sunset Lover (Orchestral)” video

At only 15 years old, Petit Biscuit wrote the ethereal “Sunset Lover.” Deriving inspiration from his classical music-filled childhood and passion for electronic production, he developed an intimate, dreamlike composition. For this orchestral rendition, he transitioned from the soothing synthesizers and atmospheric sounds of tropical house to producing that same feeling of tranquility through woodwinds, strings, and other orchestral instruments.

The “Sunset Lover Orchestral” music video mirrors the song’s delicate beauty through mesmerizing landscapes Petit Biscuit had the pleasure of traveling to due to his continuous success. The vibrant colors, picturesque locations, and astonishing cinematography awaken feelings of hope and wonder. The imagery depicts the human connections made internationally because of “Sunset Lover’s” impact.

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