Poets & Pornstars “Rock And Roll”

Poets & PornstarsArtist:
Jason Schnell & Hal Ozsan
Add Date:
July 22, 2007


What’s up music video comrades? It’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo delivering to you a new video full of over indulgent charm! Yes, it’s summer, and even the rappers want to plug in and shred: Shop Boyz’ “Party Like A Rock Star” is topping the charts. It’s cool to be a Sunset Strip heavy band again – and there’s no act more popular on the Strip these days than the appropriately-named Poets & Pornstars. Their live shows have become events in their native Los Angeles: celebrations of hedonism and rock and roll mania, and a refreshing revival of old-fashioned showmanship. They’ve become the toast of Tinseltown by staying true to the hard-rocking and harder-partying aesthetic that made it the center of the musical world in the mid-Eighties. Echoes of Motley Crue, G’n’R, Van Halen, L.A. Guns, and other classic California bands are discernable in their big sound and decadent image, and as if to make the connection to the glory days of commercial metal more explicit, they’ve been out touring the country with Tesla. Some bands flee from their antecedents or deny their progenitors’ influence over them; Poets & Pornstars are proud to carry on the tradition of gritty, glamorous Los Angeles heavy rock and roll.

It’s arguable that early music television was built on California heavy rock and Los Angeles attitude: MTV veejays were looking for something showy and dramatic for their new channel, and bands from the Strip were happy to cooperate. Just like those legendary groups, Poets & Pornstars have a look and stage show that simply begs to be preserved on film. The clip for “Rock And Roll” captures the band in their element: onstage at the Roxy, in front of an adoring – and often ecstatic – audience. The stage is flooded with hot colored light, and the members of the L.A. quintet know how to catch the illumination with the headstocks of their six-strings. They charge to the brink of the performance area, stalk the floorboards, shake their formidable manes of hair, and command the microphones with the confidence of those who were born to kick out the jams.

Poets & Pornstars are still dangerously young, but they’re no novices: these rockers have honed their skills through years of playing gigs up and down the Strip – and elsewhere, too. Through it all, their commitment to their music has been unwavering, and that’s what the anthemic “Rock And Roll” is about. When frontman Hal Ozsan sings about “revolution”, it’s sheer sonic abandon he means. Liberation through three-chord fury is nothing new, of course, but few practitioners of the art of primal rock are as convincing as Poets & Pornstars are. Due out on Adrenaline Records next month, their eponymous debut promises cut after cut of molten rock – expect raging guitar solos and thunderous drums, singalong choruses, and platinum hooks that conjure the neon-hot spirit of the Sunset Strip after dark.

We owe a huge thank to everyone at the Croshal Group and Adrenaline Music Group for all of their hard work and for making us a part of the Poets & Pornstars promotional team. We will have lots of copies of the “Rock And Roll” single available for all of your on-air giveaways, so don’t hesitate to be in touch if you’d like to get your hands on some! If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.PoetsAndPornstars.com.

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