Q. Ali Bey “Wonderful Day”

Q. Ali Bey
“Wonderful Day”
Directed by Robert Parham
Add date – 12/15/2023

About Q. Ali Bey

With hip-hop artist Q. Ali Bey, it isn’t so much what fans see, that’s what they get, but how they see. This man is not just a jack-of-all-trades, but a kaleidoscopic adventurer of human experience.

Born Cincinnati, Ohio and raised in both Greater Cincinnati before moving to the sunny shores of Southern California. Q. Ali Bey encountered shadows early on in life. Despite difficulties at a young age, he took on the example of his late mother Patricia being the positive reinforcement in his life, teaching him to think positively while looking for ways to be of service to others. Manifesting that perspective to this day, the artist, activist, poet, and performer humbly offers his talents to a range of pursuits. A characteristic example: in the aftermath of a brutal encounter with the police, Q. Ali Bey didn’t stew in resentment, but organized an effort to expand education to prevent such occurrences for others with his non-profit Know-Your-Rights.

 While fighting injustice on the ground, his music provides a space to process, heal, grow, and celebrate life. Insightful, raw lyricism and enthralling production are the rules on his debut album Knoc-turn’al Presents the Noble Q. Ali Bey. Each listen-through reveals new perspectives and creative choices embedded within the tracks masterfully presented by veteran rapper Knoc-turn’al. Music listeners are waking up to a whole new world with Q. Ali Bey

About the “Wonderful Day” video

There’s no better way to wake up to Q. Ali Bey’s conscious hip-hop style than through his hit song “Wonderful Day”. Immersed in dreamy lo-fi keys and a head-bob-inducing beat, Q. Ali Bey invites listeners to “get present” to the wonder available to us now, —in this day. His flow bursts forth like a refreshing spring of solace and wisdom, both approachable and inspiring. Immediately lighten up any moment with this instant classic from Q. Ali Bey. Make the day extra special by watching the music video for “Wonderful Day”, directed by accomplished director Robert Parham. In the video, Parham captures Q. Ali Bey illuminating an old-timey crowd with modern wisdom while they enjoy a night at the Revel Lounge in Hollywood, CA. Taking the stage after previous acts, Q. Ali Bey’s performance brings color to the otherwise black-and-white clip and gets the crowd dancing in new and liberated ways.

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