Quiet Like A Thief “Travel In Time”

Quiet Like A Thief
“Travel in Time”
Directed by Tom Flynn
Add date – 8/18/2021

About Quiet Like A Thief

Some of the greatest bands around have all been started by close friends just playing music together. They’re the bands that never seem to go away and only get stronger as time goes on. The newest band of friends to emerge onto the scene are just as strong and powerful, and they’re only getting started. Quiet Like A Thief is a high-energy pop-punk band reigning from Boston and Long Island. The band was born from the musical brains of Alex Kouvaris and Ryan Sweeney through their shared love for music. Since the beginning, they’ve been the ultimate melting pot of their separate experiences and insights. The two are joined by Nick Lopardo, Mike Marziliano, and Dan Marchelewski. Together, the fire quintet has crafted their own path into the pop-punk/ emo world. Their friendship is the driving force behind the band, and you can feel it from a mile away.

About “Travel In Time”

One of the perks of being in a band with your closest friends is turning anything you talk about into a song. “Travel In Time” is the second track on Quiet Like A Thief’s debut EP Through The Looking Glass, and it’s an angsty and energy-packed pop-punk anthem. Behind the rapid-fire guitar riffs are lyrics talking about hard times piling up and wanting to travel back in time. Hints of blink-182’s edginess can be felt throughout the entire song – it’s destined for any Emo Night playlist.

About the video

The video for “Travel In Time” looks like an epic blast from the past. The video starts with a VHS tape of the song sliding into the VCR. The static on the small TV suddenly clears, and a car driving down a road comes into view. As the video continues, we see a gorgeous girl minding her own business as she rollerblades down the street. The driver of the car turns out to be Alex, dressed in a long blonde-haired wig with an ’80s rocker outfit. Throughout the rest of the video, we watch as Alex tries desperately to impress her but to no avail. Between all the movie-style drama, we see the rest of Quiet Like A Thief as they rock out to the song in a decked-out bedroom. The video keeps viewers on their toes, and we’re obsessed with it.

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