Rachel Arianna “Walking Away With Your Heart”

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Traci Goudie
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June 6, 2013



In so many ways, Rachel Arianna is just like any other 9 year old girl. She loves to read, write, play sports like soccer and tennis with her friends, and spend time with the two family dogs. But there’s something about young Rachel that sets her apart not only from her peers but also from many others that have years on her.

Start with the stage: she’s an accomplished artist who studies tap dancing, ballet, musical theater, jazz and pop. She’s even taken the stage in New York City and performed for delighted crowds. Next, we present the acting…. How many 9 year olds can say they’ve made multiple appearances on Saturday Night Live? We’re betting not many at all, but that’s exactly what Rachel has done. In the past several months she’s been invited to be a part of many skits on the famed late night show, including the beloved Weekend Update! When most of her friends are fast asleep and past their bed times Rachel is making new fans by the millions. She is set to appear in the upcoming family film “Lies I Told My Little Sister”, which also features her new single “Walking Away With Your Heart”.

With her new single “Walking Away With Your Heart” and a delightful music video to accompany the tune, it is with her music that Rachel is making her biggest impact on the world. The song is utterly irresistible in every sense, and Rachel delivers the goods with both her charm and her soprano vocal delivery. We want to be clear, however, this is not a case of us loving the song simply because she’s doing it at such a young age. This song is a bone fide hit! You’ll be singing along by the first chorus and will continue to hum it long after the song ends.

For the “Walking Away With Your Heart” video, it’s only appropriate that such a bright and sunny song is accompanied by a video that glimmers and glitzes from beginning to end and intersperses Rachel with stunning animation and exceptional visuals all around. Of course, Rachel is a natural in front of the camera and her chipper spirit shines above everything else. She even shows off her ballerina moves as well! As she walks down the street catching the attention of those passing by while holding a heart shaped balloon, we’re fairly certain that it is our own hearts that she is walking away.

It’s our pleasure to be working with Rachel Arianna and the crew at UE3 Promotions to help spread the word about this young artist, and we’re certain you’ll be enjoying her work for many years to come! For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.Facebook.com/RachelArianna for more info on Rachel Arianna.

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