Robyn McCorquodale “I Still Got The Dream” & “Ready To Love Again”

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September 16, 2014

Robyn McCorquodale’s musical journey began with a 60 day adventure singing in Southeast Asia for a notorious playboy Prince and his Harem. This is one of the many engaging stories that Robyn loves to share with her audience. In a world fueled by power and excessive material wealth, her lasting memory of time spent in notably one of the richest places in the world, is the vivid and haunting impression of the many sad eyes she left behind, including her own. This life altering experience defined the direction of Robyn’s music career: to write and share meaningful songs that would uplift, inspire and empower.

Her newest release, Sleeps With Angels, is a powerful mix of influences of jazz, pop, blues and country that are all filtered through her formal training as a classical musician. The result is a contemporary pop style that exudes Robyn’s uplifting personality and giant heart. Sleeps With Angels is a collection of 12 songs that celebrates the mystery and joy of life, always championing to follow your dreams and to believe in love. Great American Song Contest says it best about Robyn’s vocal and writing skill: “perceptive and thought provoking … excellent both lyrically and musically … a great talent for songwriting … a great voice!”

With such a worldly attitude and and seasoned pedigree, it’s no surprise that both of her new videos portray such a strong sense of outer love and inner peace. In the “Ready To Love” video, we tag along through all of the butterfly-in-your-stomach emotions as Robyn is on the receiving end of a loving long-distance romance. This uplifting clip is a testament to being ready to find love again and that despite what may have happened in the past that we can all find love. Sometimes he even shows up on your doorstep in Vancouver!

In the video for “I Still Got The Dream” Robyn shows a more intimate and contemplative side. She looks absolutely fabulous as she strolls through the serene coastal landscape, always taking the time to stop and smell the flowers (literally and figuratively). Another striking visual is her painting a banner that states “BREAK THROUGH THE WALL.” This is not only a message to herself, but to all of us. This empowering clip is a stark reminder that all have it in ourselves to follow our dreams and always live for your own happiness.

Robyn is a woman with passion, dreams and an unyielding desire to explore life and create meaningful music that touches hearts, uplifts souls and empowers minds. Electronic Link Journey sums it up best when they say Robyn creates “fresh and inspiring music full of hope and celebration of the human spirit.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Please get in touch if you’d like more info on Robyn McCorquodale and her new album Sleeps With Angels. For more info contact Andy Gesner at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit

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