Rosemary Kolasa “I Can See You”

Rosemary KolasaArtist:
Jason Manahan
Add Date:
August 1, 2011


Hello programmers! It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video staff, here with an uplifting and spiritual track that will pour sunlight straight into your hungry ears. Rosemary Kolasa paves her road with good intentions and even better actions, and she might just have written the perfect dose of positive and expansive piano rock that your little heart desires in “I Can See You.”

Whether you believe in the healing power for rock and roll or a higher being, “I Can See You” is engineered to hijack the soul into a place where feel good vibrations reign. Rosemary Kolasa was born in Uganda, and migrated to British Columbia, Canada via England after completing her studies in Nursing. Her music is inspired by her experiences working night shifts as a nurse, as she channels her passion for helping others into catchy songs with uplifting messages. Her natural talent for songwriting is evident on her new album Sunny Roses, featuring inspirational and motivational anthems like this beautiful single. It is important to note that “I Can See You” is performed by professional singer Jason Nickle, while Rosemary always remains in the background as the songwriter. “I Can See You” is as much filled with soulful beginnings as it is eventually completely realized as an arena ready finish that could go toe to toe with likes of Coldplay or Adele.

The “I Can See You” video features Rosemary as she walks the streets of an urban cityscape as well as the fields of natural wonders, bringing out the beauty in both. The clip aims to draw a parallel between the marvels and artistry of modern man and that of our natural world, created continuously over millennia. As the viewer, we eavesdrop into a tour of graffiti street art, skyscrapers, and ingeniously constructed bridges, which eventually are visually aligned with trees, flowers and fields. The video also features a dancing woman with angel wings that interprets the uplifting significance of the tune through her motions.

All of us at HIP hope that you will embrace this magnificent and multi-genre entry from an artist that spills with optimism, regardless of life’s lemons. We will make sure to forward copies of Sunny Roses for your consumption and fan giveaways. For more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at