RTP Juggavelli ft. Renni Rucci “Twerksum”

RTP Juggavelli ft. Renni Rucci
Directed by GT Films
Runnin Thru Paper LLC
Add date – 6/22/2021

About RTP Juggavelli and “Twerksum”

We’re not saying that “Twerksum,” the newest clip from Raleigh, North Carolina rapper RTP Juggavelli, is the ultimate twerking video. We’re just saying that you aren’t likely to encounter twerking done more vigorously or provocatively than it is right here. To call this clip eye-popping is an understatement: if you’ve got any interest in twerking, it’ll hold your attention from the first shake, and it won’t let you go until all the dancing is done. The choreography is wildly expressive, the beats are relentless, the rapping is deft and colorful, and the clip is artfully — and even explosively! — shot. The result is pure entertainment from an emerging artist who understands what it takes to put the club floor in motion.

He’s had some high-profile assistance. Rapper, songwriter, and Instagram attraction Renni Rucci features on “Twerksum,” and she’s got plenty to say about dancing, money moves, and her own irresistible appeal. Rucci’s smoking second verse is both a compliment and riposte to Juggavelli’s casually boastful kickoff. The pair ride a classic trap beat with a bone-shaking bass synthesizer, skittering drums, and dramatic piano chords. The performance is effortless, dripping with attitude, wonderfully explicit, and utterly honest, too. Originally released on the thrillingly brutal Southside Jugg full-length, which dropped in the summer of 2020, the “Twerksum” video follows the regional success of the 2021 RTP Juggavelli collection TrapStar Jugg. The set is a perfect harmonization of the rapper’s roughneck Chicago roots and the laidback flow of his adopted South, and it’s made him a major player in Raleigh’s competitive hip-hop underground.

About the video

Both RTP Juggavelli and Renni Rucci look terrific in the “Twerksum” video: he, with his piles of money, his gold jewelry, and his crisp t-shirts, and she with her tight cut-off jeans, her gleaming chain, and her miraculously long eyelashes. They’re a natural pair, and their screen chemistry is one of the most appealing elements of this vibrant clip. But who are we kidding? – the dancers are the main attraction here. Their twerking is athletically impressive and, at times, positively gravity-defying. One glimpse of these girls, and you’ll know exactly what RTP Juggavelli intends to do with all these dollars. He’s going to throw the bills in the air as they sit in his lap and let them rain down in a green cascade as the magnificent butts get impossibly low to the floor. 

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