Sarah Jaffe “Mannequin Woman”

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David Lowery & Toby Halbrooks
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January 24, 2013 


For quite some time, we have had the pleasure of working with the Kirtland Records crew and once again we are eager to present viewers with the astonishing and glorified music maker whom we have watched grow musically and stylistically—Sarah Jaffe. Following up on the charming and exquisite “Glorified High” video from her new album, The Body Wins, we are excited to bring her newest offering, the visually stunning “Mannequin Woman.”

Jaffe began working on the album The Body Wins the day she bought a bass and drum set from a pawnshop. That same day she wrote the rhythmic tune “A Sucker For Your Marketing,” a song that shaped her second full-length album. Jaffe had pent-up creative energy inside her, after spending most of the year traveling and touring behind her debut (Suburban Nature), seeing and feeling things, soaking up the world. The Body Wins may sound different to those introduced to her through Suburban Nature. It should. But it’s not by any grand design to change. It’s where she’s at now, a product of everywhere she’s been since Suburban Nature—literally and figuratively—and a hint of everywhere she might go from here.

Sarah Jaffe’s career saw a great year in 2012, where she got to tour alongside with artists Blitzen Trapper, Norah Jones, David Grey and New Multitiudes. In early December, she performed on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, NPR says “Jaffe has completed the transition from “musician” to “artist,” and she wears it well. “The whole album makes the sound of an emboldened singer in complete command. Jaffe has completed the transition from ‘musician’ to ‘artist,’ and she wears it well.” The clip for “Mannequin Woman” is a glimpse into who that artist has become .

The video displays Jaffe at her finest, standing against a stark, white background. Sarah’s eccentricity takes hold of the melodic structures of the song, and as she sings melting lyrics such as, “Send my brain in circles, / shed my bitter skin. / Still a mannequin woman,” viewers see the personal side of Jaffe’s character.

If you haven’t gotten on board with Sarah Jaffe yet, you’re really missing out! Please get in touch with us if you’d like to get your hands on a copy of her new album The Body Wins, and we’ll be eager to hook you up! For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also visit or for more info on Sarah Jaffe.

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