Sayed Sabrina “Goodie Two Shoes”

Sayed Sabrina
“Goodie Two Shoes”  Music Video
Directed by Sayed Sabrina
Marks Creative Inc. (MCI)
Add date – 08/15/19

About Sayed Sabrina

“Real living breathing music”: that’s how Sayed Sabrina describes her music, and we couldn’t put it any better. The native Angeleño was part of the L.A. punk rock scene in the 1980s. Living on the streets of Hollywood, spending time in group homes and juvenile hall, and eventually becoming a teenage mother – Sayed Sabrina learned how the music industry and the world worked. She later made a name for herself in the blues community with Big Boy Blues, an immense international success now in its 3rd printing. She’s also shared the stage with the likes of B.B. King, Los Lobos, Jimmy Cliff, Dr. John, Leon Russell, The Temptations, and The Motels, to name a few.

This summer, Sayed Sabrina is celebrating the release of her brand new album Thou Art That. The record features the talents of Bobby Watson (Rufus, Michael Jackson), Sarah Morrow (Dr. John, Ray Charles), Gary Herbig (Elvis, Tower of Power), Carlos De La Paz (Cid, Mandrels), and Bryan Head (Dick Dale, Roger Hodgson). She makes music that mixes blues, rock, jazz, funk, and soul – but she doesn’t call herself a blues singer – “More like a singer that knows what it’s like to have the blues. I like emotionally driven music.” She says about the new album, “I’ve incorporated the styles that have become a part of me and am blessed and extremely grateful for the brilliantly talented people on this latest project. Together we created something very special.”

About the video

Sayed Sabrina not only composed and wrote the lyrics for every song on Thou Art That, but she also played the piano on all tracks and produced the whole album. “Goodie Two Shoes,” the first single, combines a gritty brass-supported track with a heartfelt message we all need to hear. Here, we’re treated to Sayed Sabrina’s powerful, force-of-nature voice – and see her dedication to her craft in the studio. She knows how to work hard, but she can play just as hard: the viewer is treated to candid clips of her having fun recording, and even running into the ocean.

Want more from Sayed Sabrina and HIP Video Promo?

It’s an immense treat to work with such a talented, creative artist like Sayed Sabrina, and we’re thrilled to be sharing “Goodie Two Shoes” with the world! Please don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to ensure this video is included in your regular programming and online presentations, or if you’d like us to send some merch for on-air contests and giveaways. Thou Art That is out now, and she’ll be celebrating it with a release show at The Canyon Club & Special Events Center in Agoura Hills, CA. Call Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at 732-613-1779 or email us at, or visit for more info.