Selah Soul “Keeper Of My Way” and “Love Yourself”

Selah Soul
“Keeper Of My Way” and “Love Yourself”
Directed by Yashan and Qawalyah
Tribal Music Group
Add date – 3/6/2024

About Selah Soul

Imagine feeling so full of the Holy Spirit — so animated and invigorated by its presence — that it shines from every direction. That kind of union with the Almighty is no fiction. That’s the kind of devotion that Selah Soul is chasing. “Keeper of My Way,” the newest single from the Southern Californian pop, R&B, and gospel quartet, is an entreaty sent to heaven, and a passionate invitation for God to take control.

About “Keeper Of My Way”

From the sound of “Keeper of My Way” — and the joy, dedication, and commitment that these four remarkable singers radiate— they’re at least halfway there. Their melodies are inspired, their harmonies are telepathic, and their faith comes through in every measure. Every word in the track is as carefully considered as a bedtime prayer. The track is a centerpiece of Milk & Honey, an album that introduces Selah Soul as a fresh, adventurous, brightly optimistic force in devotional music. Their version of Faith Based R&B is inclusive, passionate, and, above all, deeply beautiful: it’s an exhibition of the kind of grace that only the Lord can confer. They’re as convivial and approachable as TLC, as mesmerizing and harmonious as early Destiny’s Child, and as serious about the salvation of their souls as The Clark Sisters.

About the “Keeper Of My Way” Music Video

They’re also strikingly videogenic. In Yashan and Qawalyah’s warm, engaging clip for “Keeper of My Way,” they stay seated throughout; they don’t get up and engage the camera, because they don’t have to. Their expressions and body positions will tell viewers everything they need to know. They’re receivers and get their instructions from the Most High.

The directors capture Selah Soul on the beach on a beautiful day, seated on stools side by side, each member of the group present to the experiences of her sisters, but also engaged in private communication with God. As they perform, praise dancer Ishan Ahdar unfurls a rainbow shawl as she steps and spins through the shallow water.  It’s a visual representation of the soul in flight — akin to the emergence of a butterfly, enlivened by the feeling of sunshine on its wings. Notably, Yashan and Qawalyah shoot the singers with their backs to the surf. Deep water is at their heels, but they’re not concerned. They’ve got absolute faith in their guide. They know they’re in safe hands.

About the “Love Yourself’ Music Video

Everyone is moving at such speed, quite often just to keep up. With mounting challenges and looming turmoil, Selah Soul is here with an anthem, “Love Yourself”, to heed. Fighting the good fight is exhausting, but does one not need a moment to pause and reflect? “When you love yourself, you can love the rest” is sung with the earnestness of earned wisdom. It is a warm blanket for humanity. Selah Soul encourages listeners to take the time necessary to care for oneself. It is a must because God says so. In traditional garb, Selah Soul brings it as only they can. This wonderfully crafted, fully realized clip is the fitting bookend to “Keep Of My Way”, rounding out how truly gifted and blessed they are. Selah Soul has earned a spot in your daily inspirational playlist.

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