Sexy Heroes “Real Life (Not A Read Thru)”

Sexy HeroesArtist:
Chad Scheifele
Add Date:
October 29, 2014


Sexy Heroes are a New Jersey band who deliver the sort of blistering, guitar-driven pop/punk that recalls the classic work of NOFX, Propagandhi, and the Offspring–a sound that has been woefully missing from the mainstream for too long. With the recent release of their new album Yellow Fever, however, this foursome is sure to remind the world how extremely potent this tried-and-true recipe can be. The album’s first track and lead single “Real Life (Not a Read Thru)” is a perfect example: a relentless three minutes of pounding drums, driving distortion, and melodic hooks that you won’t soon forget. Thankfully, the video–a gripping dramatic narrative–is just as good as the song. HIP Video Promo is proud to present the new clip for Sexy Heroes’ “Real LIfe (Not A Read Thru)”.

Before the music starts, the video begins with an extended dramatic scene: A woman meets the day by snorting a line of some crushed pills off the edge of her bathroom sink, and saves a few more in her compact for later. Her husband–a young man played by the Sexy Heroes frontman Chris Watts–stumbles upon the bottle of pills in his wife’s purse and comes to the terrible realization she’s using drugs again.

She comes out of the bathroom to find him holding the bottle, but there’s no time to argue. She’s already late to work, and she leaves without giving him an opportunity to speak. He throws the bottle against the wall in anger, and the song kicks into gear.

The story continues, interspersed with awesome performance footage of the Sexy Heroes–decked out in yellow–delivering their high-energy rock show under the lights on stage to a packed house. The clip follows the woman to the school where she works, and we see her quietly riddled with depression and anxiety, eventually retreating to a bathroom stall with her aforementioned compact.

Then, in an unexpected turn of events, the scene switches to a bar at night where the woman is being hit on by another man. Her husband–already riled up–enters the bar and it doesn’t take him long before he throws a punch. Unfortunately, the man he hits falls backwards to his untimely death, cracking his head on the floor. But it gets worse. We learn (thanks to Watts’ lyric) that his unfortunate victim was an undercover cop, which leads to a speedy conviction and a sentence of 25-to-life. It sounds like an impossible amount of action to fit into one video, but they pull it off.

Now frightened, alone, and stricken with guilt, the woman suddenly decides to end her life by downing the rest of her pills at once, as Watts sings “the quickest decision might need revision”. Indeed. What happens next will surprise you, but we won’t spoil the ending. You’ll have to watch and enjoy the song and video yourself. You can thank us later.

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