Shakatura “Galactivation”

Nate Vogel & Warren Stringer
Add Date:
November 10, 2003


Hello video friends, it’s Andy Gesner and the staff from HIP Video Promo checking in with another intriguing and eccentric music video for yours and your viewers’ enjoyment! So many programmers welcome videos that don’t fall into a “genre” or “catagory” that it is always our pleasure to service you with clips that fall “outside the box” of what you are accustomed to receiving. This trippy, visionary and soulful video comes to you from CyberOctave Music, a division of Higher Octave Music (label home to the lovely and talented Sasha Lazard).

“Galactivation”, the new video from San Francisco based Shakatura, is far removed from any other you are likely to have seen or see any time soon. Musically, the sound is electronic, and very rhythmic. Not the intense driving rhythm most often heard in videos, but a sinuous, soothing one, in tune with the rise and fall of the tides in a secluded cove. The changes are subtle and gradual, the effect sublime, with “dance-floor elements and lush headphone appeal. ” It’s an unlikely and delightful embrace between the technological and the organic. The excellent vocal timbre of the female voice that ebbs and flows throughout “Galactivation” has an ambient and otherworldly aesthetic.

The visuals mirror the spirit of the music. The central theme is perhaps best described as a mandala, which retains its eternal form while constantly shifting in the details. This classically mystical symbol is blended with that of a woman dancing, transcendentally enraptured – a unity of body, mind, and spirit.

Shakatura is the brainchild of Galen Butler, a modern psychedelic Renaissance man who has been making music since early childhood and working with a computer-based studio since 1996. He has worked in collaboration with various other like-minded artists in the Bay Area, including Kylen Campbell and Brian Cox.

We are very excited to be working with Al Risi at CyberOctave on this high minded, spiritual musical statement. The label is very passionate about the music they champion and are all about making sure programmers are given the tools they need to get the word out about their artists. We have copies of the full length Galactivation CD, Shakatura posters for giveaways and he is also available for interviews upon request. For more info about Shakatura, please call 732-613-1779 or e-mail