Sharon Hendrix “Adaleigh (Don’t Run Away)”

Sharon Hendrix
Directed by Dan Voss Jr
Voss Records
Add date – 9/3/2020

About Sharon Hendrix

If the best compliment a great artist can give a singer is a gig, then it’s fair to say that few vocalists are as heralded as Sharon Hendrix is. Her résumé is a whirlwind tour through the whole history of post-Beatles pop, and it speaks powerfully of her versatility and commitment to her craft. Over a career that spans five decades, she’s exhibited the same total dedication during sessions she’s cut with virtual unknowns as she has when working with undisputed Hall of Famers like Bob Dylan, Elton John, and Stevie Wonder. New wave pop stars like Olivia Newton-John, fearless fusion artists like Billy Cobham, soul pioneers like Dusty Springfield, folk storytellers like Harry Chapin: Sharon Hendrix has sung with them all. Since 1978, she’s been enlivening the theatrical songs of singer-songwriter Barry Manilow, one of the most successful artists in the history of adult contemporary music. She’s toured the world with him, recorded with him, and duetted with him on his popular 1985 rendition of the soul standard “Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing.”

About the video

It’s telling that the music Sharon Hendrix makes as a solo artist – music like recent single “Adaleigh (Don’t Run Away)” – sounds remarkably contemporary. She hasn’t discarded a single lesson she’s learned from her time singing with the greats, but she keeps one ear to the radio, determined to put her characteristic spin on modern pop. “Adaleigh (Run Away)” is a timely tale of a wayward young woman, packs a surprising rock-soul wallop. Hendrix brings all the vocal pyrotechnics that have made her an in-demand support vocalist – she purrs and roars, gets conversational, heats up the room, and just as surely, cools it down to a soothing chill. These are performances in the truest sense: they crest and ebb, they build and recede and build again, they take the listener by the hand and tell her an unforgettable story.

The “Adaleigh (Run Away)” video is something of a short film – and it’s one that pulls no punches. In a series of unsparing images, Hendrix and director Dan Voss Jr. show us the title character and make it clear how much trouble she’s in. Yet as in Hendrix’s prior video “Believe and Become,” the clip ends on an upbeat note, as Hendrix raises her voice on behalf of everybody who needs and deserves a second chance.

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