Shawn Cook “Stay”


Shawn Cook
Directed by Andres Flores
Queens Gambit LLC
Add date – 8/26/2022

About Shawn Cook

Music has the incredible ability to help channel emotions in profound ways. For Shawn Cook, it served as a reflection of his life, both the detrimental lows and euphoric highs. Rap helped capture those raw experiences and transform them into lyrical masterpieces, allowing him to take the artform to new heights and work with legendary artists such as Mac Dre and Snoop Dogg. Whether amassing millions of streams across platforms or helping his peers co-write Grammy-nominated albums, Shawn Cook’s artistry stretches far and wide in the industry. Taking the influential Bay Area sounds Shawn Cook grew up on with the intensity of the East Coast, the artist pens his EP Claudette, a cautionary love tale of unhealthy relationships, trauma bonding, and codependency. Through exploring mature themes of love and life, Shawn Cook offers a shared sense of connection through his discography.

About the “Stay” video

Shawn Cook raps about love from a jaded perspective in “Stay.” Tired of all the games and ultimatums but somehow still drawn back to the toxicity, the artist utilizes his smooth flows to outline a romance gone bad. He describes it as a “reverse carousel” where magnetic attraction creates an infinite loop of pleasure and misery, never finding a moment of peace. The visuals for “Stay” provides viewers a look into the artist’s unique perception of the battle between lust and loss. Just as he attempts to break free from the cycle, he is pulled back and doomed to repeat his mistakes repeatedly as the video reverses. “Stay” is a thoughtful and addictive track highlighting Shawn Cooks’s impeccable ability to keep listeners hooked.

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