Sheila E. "Who I Am Now"

Sheila E.Artist:
Stilettoflats Music
Peter Michael Escovedo
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November 27, 2014


One of the strongest traits that has made Sheila E. the most famous and beloved female drummer of our generation is her ability to constantly push out new and invigorating content. Having already graced us with three previous videos from her ICON album (the bombastic “Fiesta” and “Mona Lisa” along with the powerful “Lovely Day”) Sheila has stepped out from behind the percussion to deliver a touching and minimalist tune that delicately showcases her skills as a vocalist with her brand new single “Who I Am Now.”

The song is an autobiographical insight into the long and sometimes difficult path into becoming the person we want to be. The lyrics hint at a tinge of reflection about how things happened at one point in her life, and maybe a younger Sheila would have reacted a certain way. But today Sheila is a strong and confident individual who can take her own struggles and quantify to herself that through all of the ups and downs, there is always a silver lining and that life is a linear journey. It’s never too late to learn something new about ourselves.

For the “Who I Am Now” video, Sheila has once again placed Peter Escovedo behind the lens to bring her song to life. Using a soft focus and vibrant lighting the video follows Sheila as she glides throughout her estate, gracefully performing for the camera. An incredibly clever element is when shots of Sheila from her career are splashed on the screen they then morph into modern-day Sheila in the video. It’s a subtle and powerful method to bring the viewer closer to understanding everything Sheila has been over the years and what she has meant to the music community. And though it’s hard to believe that this youthful demeanor and appearance has actually been making music for 4 decades, it’s easy to remember what it is that has made her such an icon in that time.

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Shelia E.

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