Silverbird "Running"

Michael Maxxis
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October 12, 2015


Prior to the formation of Silverbird, Tim Barr stretched his musical muscles with gigs ranging from playing as part of Lana Del Ray’s band, opening for The Blow, and studying and performing with Mike Long, pianist for the legendary Dizzy Gillespie. Upon meeting English producer Kristofer Harris, Silverbird was born with the recording of the debut EP, Surface Life

NYC venues quickly started filling up and word of mouth spread fast, their music fearlessly treading through emotional landscapes that, combined with infectious melodies and swirling intricate rhythms, found a sweet spot with audiences. They quickly followed up with the new EP for Pureland, and today we’re excited to bring you the single for “Running,” a video that peels back the glitz and fading glamour of New Jersey’s own Atlantic City.

“Running” showcases what all of us here in our home base of New Jersey know; Atlantic City is a slowly dying city struggling to hold onto it’s former stature. The efforts have been made, and the dollars have been spent, but the writing is on the wall. And though it’s even for tourists to go elsewhere, it’s not as easy for the people who call it home to give up their lives as they know them. Especially if you’re an Elvis Presley impersonator or an aging exotic dancer. 

The video follows this hopeful duo through a predictably depressing day in Atlantic City. Empty clubs, empty streets, empty beaches, it’s all there. Barr reluctantly accompanies them, playing straight faced to the camera, almost as if he’s fully aware of the overwhelming pall hanging overhead. But in an uplifting display of resilience, the fire still burns between these two, with romance happening at any given moment, and they’re especially excited to perform for the camera. Perhaps that’s because it’s the only audience left for them.

Here at HIP Video Promo, we are incredibly excited to bring you this exceptional new video. Silverbird is everything we love in our indie rock; melodic, quirky, accessible, and absolutely infectious, and we’re confident you will feel the same. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779 or for more info. You can also visit

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