Smile Smile “Marry A Stranger”

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Fabián Aguirre
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November 19, 2012


From the label that brought you Toadies, Sarah Jaffe, and The Fixx, Kirtland Records presents a brand new video for the all-encompassing duo Smile Smile. As we learned with their previous videos for “Beg You To Stay” and “Truth On Tape”, this eccentric pairing of once lovebirds share certain characteristics that make their music both natural and conflicting. Consisting of mesmerizing vocals dominated by the female half as the male counterpart balances her strengths, the melodic roles of these artists deliver music fans striking indie-rock and pop elements. In a mesmerizing clip about the concept of being in love with the wrong person, Smile Smile share a chemistry that few others can touch in their latest video “Marry A Stranger.”

This Texas pop duo has an irresistible charm, having had their songs aired on MTV’s dating show NEXT, and featured in the cult comedy Jack and Jill vs. the World. They’ve taken their act across the country, earning a nomination for best folk-rock song at the Los Angeles Independent Music Awards and another for Best American Act at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. They’ve performed and headlined everywhere from NYC’s Living Room to SXSW in Austin. All this touring, combined with a substantial fan base including thousands of followers on Twitter, has made it known that Smile Smile enthusiasts seem to be everywhere.

The personal lives of the principal characters has remained public, given that guitarist/singer Ryan Hamilton and pianist/singer Jencey Keeton were once a couple. Despite a typically horrific breakup, they continue to harmonize beautifully onstage throughout their performances. However, they have acknowledged that there was no hiding their story, so Smile Smile has decided instead to embrace it. Their previous full-length album Truth On Tape is a brutally honest examination of a relationship in a tangle, sung from the perspectives of two young lovers with the best intentions. On their new album, also titled Marry A Stranger, the band further examines their unique dynamic, but draw from deeper within their external musical influences to flesh out their sound and develop themselves into an act that could fit right at home either on your radio or on your living room sofa.

The “Marry A Stranger” video begins at a wedding altar, shedding light on the fact that two lovers are marrying the wrong people. We watch in suspense as both leave their current engagements alone at the altar, disappointing family members and friends as they run to one another’s arms. “Marry A Stranger” includes personal lyrics such as “it seems so much safer / than going through the whole damn thing again.” The sultry guitar riffs and extraordinary piano notes echo a sound resembling Fountains of Wayne, giving this Smile Smile song an eclectic, yet classy feel. This account of love captures the idea of how honest true love is, and when it is real there is no denying it. Watching Smile Smile jump into a swimming pool with their wedding attire on transcends the image of traditional marriage ceremonies, and “Marry A Stranger” is a realistic description of how true love has the capability to conquer all.

HIP Video Promo is proud to present yet another astounding video by one of our favorite indie/pop duos Smile Smile. We would love to hook you up with copies of their new album, Marry A Stranger, or anything else you might need to get this video into your programming. For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at . You can also visit for more info on Smile Smile.

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