Sonic Rade “Lost Identity”

Sonic Rade
“Lost Identity”  Music Video
Directed by Sonic Rade
Add date – 08/08/19

About Sonic Rade

Swiss pop-rock trio Sonic Rade is moving up the ranks with their high energy tunes mixed with underlying shades of melancholy. The band is composed of Ricardo Ryan on vocals and guitar, Christian Fonjallaz on bass and supporting vocals, and Christophe Grand on drums and backing vocals. Formed in 2010 on the shores of the Rade (Geneva’s harbor), Sonic Rade is signed to Italian label VDM Records. The percussive and guitar sections are always smooth and complimenting, layered with lyrics that focus on personal dilemmas, relational matters, and self-awareness. Relatable and groovy, Sonic Rade invests continuous effort and energy into their music.

With three albums under their belt, Let it Out (2013), Sideways (2016), and their latest effort Sonic Rade (2019), Sonic Rade is ready to make new creative works for their growing fan base. Notably, Sideways was selected for the First Round Ballot nominations for the 59th Annual Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Rock Album, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance, and Producer of the Year (Non-Classical). They’ve received international radio airplay and have been recognized by many outlets such as Northwest Radio, World Talent Radio, and the Planete Indie Radio Show.

About the video

Following the success of “Let’s Dream Tonight,” Sonic Rade has shared a new video for “Lost Identity.” The opening track of Sonic Rade, “Lost Identity” is a journey through figuring out who it is you are without your second half – and it’s a bit unsettling. The bass-lead track kicks in with a sharp rhythm edge supported by a dark psychedelic guitar. While “Let’s Dream Tonight” saw the Swiss trio head to Times Square, amid the hustle and bustle, this time in “Lost Identity”, we see the band perform amidst smoke, mirrors, and projectors in a studio. Here, we see their silhouettes against a screen, as if the identity of who’s performing is being masked. But even when we see the band member’s faces, the instrumentals provide a haunting atmosphere, all this with a reminiscent of a Bowiesque-Bond theme, making the viewer wonder… “who am I?”.

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