Directed by Stephen Lovchyld
Much Grooves!
Add date – 3/18/2022

About STONKS Bros

Cryptocurrency might be one of the last things you think of when it comes to music, but the STONKS Bros are finding a unique way to get people talking about the future of decentralized money. By melting together bassy synths and funky electronic beats, the STONKS Bros create a futuristic soundscape that sits at the cross-section of EDM and club music. The duo is comprised of Mick and Andy, who hope to use the power of music to unite the crypto world by creating limited edition collectable NFTs for a charity. The creation of STONKS Bros was fully intentional to capture audiences during this historical moment when crypto is rapidly becoming the currency of the masses. 

About the video

Carrying on the spirit of unconventional artistry, the STONKS Bros allow their music videos to tell the story of their song rather than through lyrics. In their animated video for “WE CHOOSE TO GO TO THE MOON” – which captures the essence of crypto mania – cartoon versions of the artists traverse through space in their rocket ship, collecting crypto-coins along the way. But things are brought to a halt when an evil villain – who represents bankers – emerges to destroy them. Now on a mission to save the future of crypto, the group teams up with a Tesla robot where they cruise across the moon’s surface in a Cybertruck to defeat the enemy. It’s a freewheeling, out-of-the-box video that runs like an action movie but has the heart of Sunday morning cartoons we grew up on. The STONKS Bros deliver an entertaining video hidden with pop culture references that will have you hitting repeat to catch each one.

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