Sultan + Shepard “Love Me Crazy” feat. Gia

Sultan + ShepardArtist:
Satien “Sat” Mehta
Add Date:
August 18, 2016


The EDM world is defined by artists pushing their creative limits. And while the goal is to create the unknown, the truth is that most times the end result is more recycled than it is revolutionary. This is exactly why we’re so excited to work with the Armada Music team, because we know that their artists never rest on their laurels. They don’t just play the game, they write the rules.

The freshest example of this attitude is the new “Love Me Crazy” video by the trailblazing duo Sultan + Shepard. This Grammy nominated act wowed us first with their “Bring Me Back” video, which featured the lush vocals of Kreesha Turner and a video that celebrated life in the Golden State. Using “Bring Me Back” as a springboard, they’ve now unleashed “Love Me Crazy,” which turns the classic EDM sound on its head by dropping a tune brimming with Reggae-flavored vibes, feel-good flute melodies, and lush vocal tones compliments of the stardom-bound singer Gia. While most artists find themselves getting louder and more complex, Sultan + Shepard dial it down a few notches and let the track breathe, opening the door for a whole new wave of relaxing vibes to define themselves.

The “Love Me Crazy” video picks up where “Bring Me Back” left off by embracing the infectious southern California atmosphere. This time, they’ve set up shop on the legendary beach of Venice. Immersing themselves amongst the celebrated bohemian culture that defines the city, the entire Sultan + Shepard crew are living their lives to the fullest. Whether it be a stroll on the boardwalk, watching the sunset, or catching an intimate concert after the sunset goes down, this island-infused clip may very well be the definitive soundtrack to the summer of 2016!

We’re once again thrilled to be working with the Armada Music team once again to bring you videos from their unrivaled roster. If there is anything that we can do to get this video into your programming, please don’t hesitate to get let us know. Please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at(732)-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit, for more info on Sultan + Shepard.

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