Susan James “Wandering”

Susan JamesArtist:
Michaela Copikova & Veronika Obertova
Add Date:
December 4, 2012


Previewing her fourth album, Driving Toward The Sun, out February 2013 on Megaforce/Sony RED, Susan James offers her new music video, “Wandering,” featuring imaginative stop-animation by Ove Pictures (Michaela Copikova & Veronika Obertova). James is described by The Los Angeles Times as a “a master at exploring the emotional and sonic possibilities,” and Blurt Magazine notes, “excellent songwriting and an eye for musical details.” With a California hybrid of psychedelic country-folk rock, she has shared stages with Lindsey Buckingham, Sun Volt, Richard Thompson, Rufus Wainright, Daniel Lanois just to name a few.

On Driving Toward the Sun, James teamed up with producer Ryan Ulyate, producer for Tom Petty, George Harrison among others. Ulyate is just one of the many talented people who James attracts to her projects – the new album includes legendary Los Angeles drummer Don Heffington who has worked with Buddy Miller, The Jayhawks, The Wallflowers, Kathleen Edwards and more – a well as guitarist Neal Casal, who has collaborated with Ryan Adams over the years.

“Wandering” is the “most free-wheeling and happy-go-lucky number on the album,” shares James. “When Ryan and I began, we talked about how it should be as acoustic as possible, but still have a big sound. Our aim was to get the acoustic guitar to really rock, like the guitars in the Rolling Stones Street Fighting Man or something like that. We called it ‘The Wall of Intimacy”. And every song had to have it in a way, no matter how big or small the song was. I think we achieved it, and I’m proud to share it with everyone now.”

“I sent Michaela and Veronika the song, and had them simply react to it from their point of view. My song has obvious traveling references to the U.S. West and California – but they are both from Slovakia, so it was amazing to see what imaginative interpretation would unfold and what would come out of a collaboration of sound and visuals with them.”

Praise for her last album “Highways, Ghosts, Hearts & Homes”…“Susan James earned the praise of Ryan Adams, who tweeted about her “great songs” and killer band…it’s clear from just one listen of Highways that James knows what she’s doing.” – American Songwriter

“That dreamlike quality is evident throughout, but never diffuses the music’s impact. Quite the opposite: Highways, Ghosts, Hearts & Home is rich with imagery and as vivid as it is varied.” – Music and Musicians

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