Teoria Quintuple “Dolor”

Teoria QuintupleArtist:
Geovany Lopez
Add Date:
September 10, 2012


Greetings from Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew! We have an interesting video from a hot, new sensation that is sweeping across the area. Teoria Quintuple is the epitome of Latin-Pop rock, and their roots are the exact proof of all that they encompass. Their mesmerizing ability to create music that is both heart wrenching and rock inspired makes it easy to not let this group go unnoticed. From Ecuador to New York City, Teoria Quintuple (consisting of JC, Gus, Irvin, Migue and Nathan) rocks the streets with a style that is like no other.

With roots in southern Ecuadorian cities such as Juanka, Gustavo, Irving, and Miguel, Teoria Quintuple takes their music making to the next level. As a dream inspired group, these band mates have blended each of their influences into a certain form that makes the sometimes overlooked genre of Latin-Pop rock music stand out. From heartfelt and sultry rock ballads to downright soulful rock songs, these multi-faceted musicians have something going for them that no other artist has been able to achieve. With such diverse backgrounds and interests in music, Teoria Quintuple has managed to win the hearts of music listeners wherever they travel. Their passion-filled performances has shown the New York City area just what they have in store, and along with performances throughout local venues, they are diligently working on their first debut album. Director Geovany Lopez and video producer Roberto Parreño bring you their video and hit single for “Dolor,” a song that gives viewers a sneak peek at what is to come with their self-titled album.

“Dolor” is a song that captures the balanced and well thought out songwriting skills of Teoria Quintuple’s music and fine production of Chris Hierro. Throughout the video, we experience the romantic side of these musicians as guitars heighten the rock essence of what these artists encompass. As we follow a rocky love affair, we witness the painful sides of trying to find balance within one’s love life. However, the sultry sound of the vocals are combined with the heart numbing chords of the guitars to create a ballad that screams toward the group’s romantic side of love. “Dolor” is a song that constitutes the frailties of relationships, and Teoria Quintuple presents music listeners with a video that shows the creative genre of Latin-Pop rock that this band emanates.

Teoria Quintuple has proved to be a group of diversified and talented musicians within their video for “Dolor” and we want to do whatever we can to get them into your programming. For more information on this sensational group, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com.

Teoria Quintuple