Tera Melos “Bite”

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Behn Fannin
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May 6, 2013


Truly great art is that which can’t be easily understood and dissected, but immediately resonates nonetheless. Tera Melos’ new full length, X’ed Out is just that kind of adventure. The songs transcend in a way that makes you want to sit friends down to hear it not only to share the experience, but perhaps in hopes that together you can create the world in which songs like this can be defined. lt hits mental buttons and flicks internal switches that you never knew existed, while cleverly obscuring the technical precision for which the band has been lt’s remarkably multifaceted, incredibly catchy and perplexing to unravel exactly how it all works.

“lt’s like visiting a friend who lives on the 14th floor of a building with no elevator, yet he has a grand piano in his apartment,” explains bassist Nathan Latona. “How did he get it there? Was it carried up 14 flights of stairs assembled on site or what? This record is the piano in the apartment with no elevator. We wanted to do all of the tricky stuff in a way that doesn’t seem noticeable.”

X’ed Out is the culmination of an arc begun on Tera Melos’ first proper full-length, Patagonian Rats (Sargent House, 2010) a supercollider of 605 pop hooks, Minutemen garage-prog, post-punk evisceration, Wiry psychedelia and nearly everything else in-between. Here, the Sacramento based trio burns and simmers simultaneously while situated somewhere without benefit of location services. It’s a nowhere land, X’ed Out, both inviting and daring. Join us.

The first single “Bite” soars with a chiming harmonized guitar drone smeared over repetitive, mechanical sounding rhythms. For the music video the band teamed up once again with director Behn Fannin, who was the man behind the lens for their previous clips like “Frozen Zoo” and “The Skin Surf”. The video begins calmly enough with the band’s silhouettes set within a black and white style, but it’s only a matter of moments before the video explodes into a psychedelic inspired cornucopia of wildness. The animation is a constant barrage of bright colors and unique scenery and characters, but the real treat is the band itself. Donned in neon colored trash bag outfits, with terrifyingly adorable makeup and supped up Guitar Hero instruments in tow the video is even more of a trip than this description can try to explain. Trust us, you’ll remember this one for a long time.

We’re psyched to be on board with Sargent House and Tera Melos once again. The band is currently on tour across the US and if you act quickly, we can set you up with a video interview when they come to your market! If you’d like a copy of X’ed Out, please feel free to hit us up! For more information, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com. You can also visit www.facebook.com/teramelosmusic or www.SargentHouse.com for more info on Tera Melos.

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