The Chickadees “The Tadpole Wiggle & The Froggy Hop”

The ChickadeesArtist:
Kevin Pulz
Add Date:
October 3, 2012

The Chickadees present a fun-filled adventure for kids with their new video for “The Tadpole Wiggle and the Froggy Hop.” With tangy guitar solos and folksy singsong melodies, this group of musicians balance the weight of education infused by folk elements. HIP Video Promo is pleased to introduced the enchanting allure of these intelligent songs that will encourage children to learn throughout a fun inspired atmosphere.

The Chickadees are a nature-based educational and fun-filled musical group that offers parents the ability to produce answers for their kids revolving around questions about the earth, animals, and nature. Their music invites children to experience contemporary issues concerning wildlife awareness and conservation concepts. However, their music is not filled with boring rhetoric for children; their songs create laughter through learning! This award-winning children’s music quartet is fronted by singer/songwriter Mary Karlzen. For years, Karlzen performed contemporary music geared toward adults with band mates Anjl Rodee and Carmen Nickerson throughout Milwaukee’s music scene, but they soon became inspired to transform their talents into the genre of children’s music.

Karlzen is best known for her Atlantic Records album Yelling at Mary and performing with awe-inspiring artists such as Bob Dylan and The Indigo Girls, but she claims “having kids changed my perspective on everything, including music.” She decided to take her ideas on children’s music to a whole new level, so she inspired band mates Rodee and Nickerson to enroll their talents into the project, and thus launched The Chickadees career in children’s music. The band’s first album Songs from the Great Outdoors received a Parent’s Choice Award in 2009, and since then, their second album The Froggy Hop has been inspiring children everywhere to value the importance of education. It is with their video for “The Tadpole Wiggle and the Froggy Hop” that we can get a taste of all that the music of The Chickadees encompasses.

With animation by Spencer Legan and Desere Jones, The Chickadees perform “The Tadpole Wiggle and the Froggy Hop” with their animated frog friends originating from the pond. The video features tadpoles and frogs that teach kids about the life of a tadpole. Throughout the song, children are introduced and educated on the evolution of a tadpole’s life, and it offers ideas that create knowledge for kids through fun-filled music. The song includes guitars that echo the elements of classic folk genres, but still manages to capture the original theme of education throughout its entirety.

It is with “The Tadpole Wiggle and the Froggy Hop” that we can take the idea of that we learn something new every day and apply it through the fun-filled perspective of the music performed by The Chickadees. We’ve got plenty of copies of The Froggy Hop available for you and your viewers, so please give us a shout to get your hands on some! For more information on these talented new artists, please contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732)-613-1779 or email us at