The Dead Daisies “Light ‘Em Up”

The Dead Daisies
“Light ‘Em Up”
Directed by David Pear
Spitfire Music Pty. Ltd. / SPV
Add date – 5/13/2024

About The Dead Daisies

With a vibrant history spanning over a decade, The Dead Daisies exploded onto the music scene with a clear mission: to revive the raw energy and spirit of 70s rock while assembling a stellar lineup of world-class musicians. Inspired by Jon Stevens and the evocative phrase “pushing up daisies,” coupled with the rich imagery of the Mexican celebration ‘Day Of the Dead,’ their name became a symbol of their spirited approach to music. Throughout the years, this theme has infused their logos and artwork, adding depth to their identity.

Since their debut self-titled album in 2013, The Dead Daisies have experienced an upward trajectory, releasing six studio albums, along with a live recording, covers compilation, and a celebrated “Best Of” collection. Their fan base continues to expand globally, defying the notion of rock’s demise, despite frequent declarations of its demise in the media.

At the heart of The Dead Daisies lies a remarkable ensemble of musicians, including luminaries such as David Lowy, Doug Aldrich, John Corabi, Michael Devin, Tommy Clufetos, Glenn Hughes, Marco Mendoza, Richard Fortus, Dizzy Reed, Frank Ferrer, Darryl Jones, Charley Drayton, Deen Castronovo, and Jon Stevens, among others. Their collective talent and unwavering dedication to the craft ensure The Dead Daisies’ place as torchbearers of authentic rock in the modern era.

With anticipation reaching a fever pitch, the band unveiled plans for the “Light ‘Em Up” Tour, spanning the landscapes of the US, UK, and Europe, with more destinations soon to be revealed. The Dead Daisies are boldly charging forward, fueled by an unyielding energy and a willingness to embrace new horizons. Their mission is clear: to leave an indelible mark on every soul they encounter, affirming unequivocally that the pulse of Rock beats strong and true.

About the “Light ‘Em Up” Music Video

“Light ‘Em Up” sets the tone for The Dead Daisies upcoming album of the same name and their 2024 World Tour which will take them across the US, UK, and Europe! “Light ‘Em Up” is a straight ahead rock and roll tune that pairs perfectly with explosive imagery.

In the blazing landscape of the “Light ‘Em Up” music video skulls emerge as guardians of the flame, a homage to the band’s enduring commitment to keeping rock and roll alive. As the video unfolds amidst a sea of flickering flames and explosions, these iconic symbols stand as protectors of the genre’s rebellious spirit, ensuring its legacy burns bright.

With each fiery riff and thunderous beat, the band reaffirms their mission to keep the flame of rock and roll alive and thriving. The skulls, bathed in the glow of the inferno, serve as a reminder of the genre’s storied history and the countless legends who have come before. They are a testament to the band’s unwavering dedication to carrying the torch forward, inspiring a new generation of rockers to follow in their footsteps.

“Light ‘Em Up” is the perfect release to kick off their new album and get fans eagerly awaiting their world tour!

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