The Dead Daisies “Dead And Gone (Swamp Version)”

The Dead Daisies
“Dead And Gone (Swamp Version)” Music Video
Directed by Oliver Halfin
Spitfire Music
Add date – 02/21/19

About The Dead Daisies

Even the most talented, dedicated artists reach a point where the three-minute rock song is an insufficient vehicle for what they want to express. They’ve got ideas too big to be contained in a single record, or even a sequence of album tracks. Confronted by this problem, some musicians throw their hands up or squash their ambitions, but The Dead Daisies never back away from a challenge. For decades, these guys have been defying the odds, going for the jugular, and pushing themselves to be better and better. With Welcome To Daisyland, they’ve found the perfect outlet for their dark visions: a bizarre, surreal, sexy horror miniseries about a menacing, supernatural carnival.

About The Video

TV music from a hard rock band? Well, yes, but this isn’t just any television program, and The Dead Daisies aren’t just any hard rock band. They’re an outfit that understands the power of aggressive showmanship – members of the group have logged time in Whitesnake, Journey, Motley Crue, Bad English, and Thin Lizzy. They’re well-practiced in the art of providing thrills – and their music is the perfect soundtrack to an uncompromising show that is bound to leave audiences breathless. Welcome To Daisyland is directed by another pioneer: Tony Valenzuela, the creator of the BlackBoxTV channel specializing in horror shorts, and the creator of Axe Murders of Villisca and Fight of the Living Dead. He recognized The Dead Daisies as kindred spirits, and they’ve been collaborating ever since. You can watch the series and find out more about the cast, characters and music by visiting the show’s website

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