The Fixx “Anyone Else”

The FixxArtist:
Jon Todd Collins
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July 23, 2012


Greetings programming associates, it’s Andy Gesner and the crew at HIP Video Promo bringing you another top notch clip from an act with a career we all envy. After presenting the world with musical hits such as “One Thing Leads to Another,” “Red Skies,” and “Stand or Fall,” The Fixx has always kept in mind that their music has an underlying theme and they have been standing up for what’s right by providing the world with something to believe in. This is the strongest power of music, and The Fixx has been wielding this power for decades.

The Fixx has been on the music scene since their formation in London in 1979. Compared to the likes of U2 and contemporary artists such as Against Me, The Fixx shows us another side of their musical creativity with their new album Beautiful Friction. This new album, much like their previous releases, creates a backdrop of self-responsibility and the need to be accountable for actions. Lead singer, Cy Curnin, sums the album up for listeners, and it’s possibilities for hope in today’s world: “It seems we’ve all ground to a bit of a halt with so much unrest, the Occupy movement, debt, war and more. We ultimately see this album as positive, eager for the dawn of a new era, the possibility to change the way we see the world and to view it with more optimism. That’s why we called itBeautiful Friction – the times we live in are tough, but there’s a beauty in that. There’s a hope.”

With their new music video for “Anyone Else,” we see all of the previous aspects that we love so much about this band throughout the scenes of people standing up and rising against politics. There are a group of rebellious teens in the video for “Anyone Else”, and they show us what it’s like to conquer through the power of peace. However, there is a man behind all of the action seen at the beginning and at the closing. He is somewhat of an all-knowing character. He is ambiguous, and maybe The Fixx intended for him to stand for God or the almighty truth behind everything that works within the universe. However, The Fixx leaves this answer unanswered in order to allow the song to stand as a metaphor for the dream of a world filled with peace and prosperity.

By taking the time to sit back and truly listen to the lyrics of singer Cy Curnin, you’ll begin to feel the power behind the words and music of The Fixx. Their gracefulness and commitment has endured for nearly four decades, and they will continue to stand up for their beliefs with the music they create. If you need more info you can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also or for more info on The Fixx.

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