The Naveblues “Thank You”

The NavebluesArtist:
Maria Galliani Dyrvik
Add Date:
October 10, 2016


What sort of feelings might the first settler on Mars experience? Would she be dizzy with the joy of discovery, or buoyed by pride in her accomplishment. Or would she be fearful? Would she be overcome by homesickness and regret? The main character in The NaveBlues’ new video for “Thank You” — a female pioneer on the red planet in the year 2100 — cycles through all these emotions, and does it believably. Her home on Mars is starkly beautiful, but also isolated, and quite literally otherworldly. Though it’s only five minutes long, the “Thank You” clip is itself a journey, and a candid look into the trade-offs we make in order to realize our ambitions.
“Thank You” is just the latest offering from a striking new artist who is making a name for himself as a craftsman of provocative music videos. Earlier this summer, Nave Pundik — singer, songwriter, imaginative interpreter, and ferocious blues harmonica player — dazzled audiences with his audacious clip for “Sexy Kiss.” But while that video was pure lascivious enchantment, “Thank You” blasts off to the stratosphere.  It’s a science fiction story with a touching conclusion, and a missive straight from the imagination of a true sonic explorer.
As for the song itself, it’s one that ought to be awfully familiar to any fan of classic rock or electric blues. The original version of “Thank You” closed the first side of Led Zeppelin’s landmark second album — a disc that proved to millions that heavy rock, emotional blues, and cosmic psychedelic folk could exist side by side. The Naveblues version of “Thank You” retains the intensity of the original and adds a few surprises: instead of replicating Jimmy Page’s guitar solo, The NaveBlues takes a howling harmonica lead.
The NaveBlues’ glittering harmonica is a recurring visual motif in Naveblues videos. In the “Sexy Kiss” clip, the main characters find the instrument in a box inhabited by the renegade spirit of harmonica virtuoso Little Walter; in “The Bird/Ghost Collector”, it serves as a mystical (and maybe diabolical) lure to ensnare the soul of a free-spirited young woman. The starwalking protagonist of the “Thank You” video finds the magic harmonica in the folds of her travel bag. But the true object of her fascination — and one that any viewer of the clip will share — is a magnificent wall-length window looking out at a Martian landscape. There she stands, hypnotized by the  lonesome grandeur of the extraterrestrial desert. By the end of the clip, we’re treated to a truly spectacular sunset on Mars — something at once familiar, and utterly alien.

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