The Peculiar People “On Purpose”

The Peculiar People
“On Purpose”  Music Video
Directed by B.Slade
Nureau Ink
Add date – 07/25/19

About The Peculiar People

Fifteen years after the release of their initial groundbreaking debut album, musical group The Peculiar People is set to return as they release their second album entitled Out The Box II: Separation Of The Church And State. This album is a sequel to their initial Out The Box album which garnered six Stellar Awards and several Grammy-nominations and sold over a million copies.  The Peculiar People is founded by two-time Emmy Award winner and three-time Grammy-nominated B. Slade, who is not only the producer but also a proud member of the musical group. In this new day and age and the group ventures to bridge the gap between the spiritual and secular worlds, turning a mirror to help people face uncomfortable truths while acknowledging and respecting a need for resolutions and unity.

Producer B. Slade, as he is more commonly known, continues his trendsetting ways and innovative techniques to produce quality products. As a restless musical amalgamator and audacious modernizer, he has thrown open the chapel doors and embraced the musical world of hip-hop, R&B, soul, bass music, electronic pop, and other contemporary styles.

For further evidence of the group’s fearlessness, look no further than their latest single entitled “On Purpose.” It’s an earth-shaking collision of gospel, rap, skittering trap house beats, slowed-down screwed vocals, warped synthesizer grooves, and tight harmony singing; the sound may be radical, but the message of faith is eternal.  Out The Box II: The Separation Of Church & State is designed as a sequel to The Peculiar People’s original revolutionary Out The Box (I) album released in 2004, which featured guest appearances from Kirk Franklin and Yolanda Adams and turned gospel music upside down. The new album which includes the single “On Purpose” suggests that this new Peculiar People set is going to be every bit as transformative. 

About the video

The Peculiar People return in their highly anticipated music video and single entitled “On Purpose” from the new upcoming installment of Out The Box II: The Separation Of Church & State. The video resembles a flashy hip-hop clip that includes everything from cars, to the crew, sneakers, shades, bright colored lights, rambunctious dance moves, and even a little swagger too. Everything is in place, and it’s all exciting! The world needs to know that the Peculiar People are back to complete some unfinished business. Their video is a bold statement unlike one we’ve ever seen before. Simply put: if the first Out Of The Box was considered off the wall, Out The Box II: The Separation Of Church & State is the bulldozer that tears those walls down to make a way for what looms ahead.

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It’s an incredible honor to work alongside The Peculiar People, and we would be truly delighted to see “On Purpose” included in your regular programming and online presentations! Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can make that happen. In addition, if you would like some The Peculiar People merchandise for on-air contests and giveaway please do not hesitate to contact us.  Out The Box II: The Separation of Church and State is now available, and we encourage you to listen and get inspired! For more info, call Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at 732-613-1779 or email us at You can also visit their website,, for more specific information regarding The Peculiar People.