The R’s “Mr. Hide”

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Stefano Moretto/Cosimo Bruzzese
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October 5, 2011


Salve programmers! It’s Andy Gesner and the HIP Video crew, here to bring you Italy’s tastiest indie rock import – The R’s. They are taking on a whole new persona for their brand new single “Mr. Hide,” with a mystifying new video that will have you second guessing who’s who, as each member seamlessly morphs into one another. One thing that this group doesn’t change out of is the ability to start a riot with their infectious high-energy tune.

Some of you might remember The R’s from their kinetic and hard hitting “I Love My Family” video we’ve sent your way this March. Now the band has stepped up their weaponry to a whole new level with their upcoming record De Fauna et Flora. Throughout “Mr. Hide,” each band member transforms into one another seamlessly as they perform, a hint to the title of the song. To add to the illusion, the band uses large mirrors to further disorient the viewer from figuring which member is actually the subject at any given moment. This sort of fun camera play is an impeccable combination of visual entertainment and performance, steering away from the typical story line video. The R’s (formerly The Record’s) formed in Brescia, Italy. The group built a dedicated following with a series of self-released tapes, which led to them winning a music contest sponsored by Italy’s most widely read newspaper and released their first official EP, Joyful Celebration. The record contained the single “Move Your Little Fingers,” picked up by most prominent national radio stations. The R’s then released Money’s On Fire, collaborating with the venerated musician/producer Giovanni Ferrario (P.J. Harvey). With one of the tracks from the album featured on a major national advertising campaign and prominent exposure on MTV Italy, the band began reaching a truly massive audience. By the end of 2008, they were on best-of lists of the most important newspapers and music publications in Italy. In 2011, The R’s signed with Nat Geo Music and are now planning to unleash their US debut, De Flora Et Fauna. The band has also recently visited the States for a string of dates, including a stop in New York City and SXSW.

We are thrilled to bring you another diverse and refreshing artist from the Nat Geo Music line up, and hope you add this brilliantly shot clip to your coveted playlists. We’d love to hook you up with copies of De Flora Et Fauna, when it’s available, so be sure to reach out to get some for yourself and your viewers. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779.


For info about The R’s “I Love My Family” video, click HERE

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