The Silence “Barriers”

The SilenceArtist:
Adam Barker
Add Date:
February 17, 2014


The Silence is one of this year’s hottest bands to emerge from the UK. With hearty lyrics and captivating guitar riffs, the band sends listeners on a contemporary sonic whirlwind that reaches out to every music fan. HIP Video Promo is excited to introduce their latest clip “The Silence.”

From Durham in the north of England, The Silence is a pop/rock quartet that displays an array of contemporary music genres. Led by fierce lead vocalist Livvy Griffiths, the band is alive with electrifying radiance. The Silence has delivered edgy and hook-worthy music alongside outstanding musical performances. Described as an “uplifting yet melancholic mix of pop/rock at its finest,” the energy exhibited by The Silence is mesmerizing and in-tune with the lyrics of their songs. Passion and confidence radiate from the band’s live performances. See for yourself in their clip “Barriers.”

“Barriers” is a fun clip that brings The Silence into the light. Like a perfect metaphor for the youth and energy of the band, the video takes place in the heart of an indoor BMX/skate park. The band is set up at the bottom of a bowl while bikers and skaters soar through the air around them. The energy is palpable and clear that the band and riders are feeding of each other’s energy. The wall of Orange guitar cabinets is a constant reminder that rock and roll rules the day in this setting, but the clip is still a monster of a jam that we are certain you will enjoy with your eyes and ears.

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