This Town Needs Guns “Panda”

This Town Needs GunsArtist:
Ricky Tart
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May 1, 2009


Greetings programming friends, Andy Gesner and the HIP staff here, and we are very excited to bring you this brand new reel of videos from one of our favorite labels, Sargent House! They have scanned the map to find the best of the best and have always been on the forefront of breaking new bands, and it only seemed appropriate that we send you this six video reel to showcase all of the new talent! We’re psyched to include This Town Needs Guns on that list.

Because they’re from Oxford and they play a bracing, heady brand of math-rock, This Town Needs Guns are inevitably compared to Foals. Like their world-famous neighbors, TTNG welds surprisingly-catchy melodies to complex and brilliantly-executed instrumental tracks; also like Foals, they can get the dance floor moving in a London minute. But This Town Needs Guns is very much its own project, and one with a distinct sound and personality: consider Tim Collis’ skittering, hypnotic, fret-tapped guitar patterns, Stuart Smith’s hushed, inviting vocals, and Chris Collis’ and Jamie Cooper’s dazzling and adventurous rhythm parts. Kerrang likened their sound to Minus the Bear covering the Smiths; we think it’s more like the other way around.

Animals is their latest release, and it’s taken the U.K. underground by storm. Critics around the globe have gushed, and named TTNG Oxford’s next indispensible musical export. “Study Animals with the diligence it deserves”, “and you’ll walk away with a knowledge you never expected.” Click Music calls This Town Needs Guns a “major talent”; webloggers, journalists, and listeners alike predict a successful American invasion for the band later this year. While we’re waiting, This Town Needs Guns continues to tour relentlessly, taking their eye-opening act across the U.K. and to festival stages all over Europe.

Ricky Tart’s clip for “Panda” captures This Town Needs Guns in performance — but not on a festival stage. Instead, they’ve set up in a living room, and they’re playing for a group of friends. Often, Stuart Smith isn’t even on the microphone; instead, he sits on the sofa in the shadows, singing softly to himself. The room is half-lit and intimate, and the picture blurs in and out of focus. It’s relaxed and welcoming, but also dreamlike, seductive, and maybe even a bit spooky: the perfect location for a digital apparition.

It has always been a great pleasure to be working with Cathy Pellow, Marc Jetton and Sargent House Records to promote this unique video. If you need more info, call Andy Gesner at 732-613-1779 or e-mail us at You can also visit to find out more about This Town Needs Guns.

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