Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun “Powerline”

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the SunArtist:
Chris Downs
Add Date:
July 3, 2014


Pro tip: If the your band’s name contains six words and a comma, you’d better be very good. Today The Moon, Tomorrow The Sun, however, is a jaw-dropping, synth-rocking, heartstopping blast of awesome. Hailing from Atlanta, this co-ed four-piece describe themselves as “new wave indie rock”, and although they would fit nicely on a bill with bands like Metric and Chvrches, the usual tags fall short of capturing the unique and potent essence of their sound. Sexy, dangerous, and dynamic, TTMTTS have been touring full-time for the last five years, lighting up unsuspecting crowds across the country and leaving scorched dance floors in their wake. Hot on the heels of the release of their fantastic QUADS EP on Greyday Records, HIP Video Promo is proud to present the stunning clip for their new single “Powerline.”

Setting the tone with a four-on-the-floor bass drum beat and the muted squawk of an industrial synth, singer Lauren Gibson leads with a promise, singing “I’ll pick you right up / into a powerline / I’ll charge you up.” From the jump, she delivers on it, offering a series of seductive vocal hooks, as the beat drops. “Powerline” builds with layer upon layer of synths, guitar, and rhythms, and the track hits an early, irresistible stride. Nearing the 3:00 mark, the band gets quiet as Gibson sings, “don’t weigh us down” before blasting off into a breakdown and hitting zero gravity.

The clip–directed by Chris Downs–is epically dark and spectacular. In it, the band performs, each atop a separate skyscraper, in a monochromatic cityscape. Only the bandmembers are in color, as well as the pulsing patterns of light and sound behind them as they play. The concept is simple and the execution is dazzling. With its use of light and special effects, TTMTTS look like musical superheroes high above a comic book city. At the video’s coda, everything moves in a mesmerizing slow mo to accentuate the dramatic breakdown. We dare you to take your eyes off this clip for a second.

For more information on this sensational band, their new EP QUADS, or the killer clip for “Powerline”, please call Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo staff at (732) 613-1779, or e-mail . You can also visit more info.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun