Trav Torch "Love You Down"

Trav TorchArtist:
Ronald Reid
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June 26, 2015


Being influenced by the greatest isn’t enough to make you great. Channeling artists like R. Kelly, Usher, Tyrese, and others isn’t merely enough to make Trav Torch a great artist. What makes this 27-year-old New Jersey bred phenom stand out above the rest is his ability to write, perform, arrange, and even mix all of his own material. In a time when one team writes the songs, a second team produces, and a slew of artists are brought in to perform, it’s a unique experience to see one artist deliver an incredible sound that everyone can enjoy. His newest single, “Love You Down,” is a sultry and sexy artistic expression that will make fans weak in the knees and soft in the heart.

One hallmark of traditional R&B is the ability to tap into the sexy side of things. While many will draw the line at G rated innuendos, Trav Torch isn’t afraid to tell his object of affection exactly what’s on his mind. His verses slink in and out like an anaconda and the choruses soar into the atmosphere with a message that might make some blush, but nevertheless sends a stunning and sensual message.

For the new “Love You Down” video, Mr. Torch went the only route necessary — he found a magnificent queen and cast himself as her counterpart. Cast in all-white clothing, linens, and soft lighting, Trav Torch and his lady slowly do their own dance and ritual to fully appreciate each other’s raw beauty and sexiness. Several scenes in different rooms and times work their way in, but the message is always the same; the passion is heavy and the mood is right for these two adults to do what adults are known to do.

We’re pleased to be working with Trav Torch to bring you this fiery clip and hope that you will find a spot for it in your programming. If there is anything we can do here at HIP Video Promo to make that happen, please let us know. You can contact Andy Gesner and the crew at (732)-613-1779 or email . You can also visit for more info on Trav Torch.

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