Urband Soul "Transformation"

Urband SoulArtist:
Giogio Bosisio
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April 3, 2015


Urband Soul was born in France as the brainchild of Rkb, as a project whose concept is to create several volumes of music with a common theme and approach, using different artists from around the world. Like the name of their new video “Transformation,” they are on a quest to reinvent our definition of the music we know. 

After relocating to London Rkb teamed up with rapper Enji El for the first release, titled The Drop. Enji, whose involvement with 3rd Stream, a Uk rapper collective in London, saw an outlet for his inspiration by an array of cool music, from Marvin Gaye in the early years, and later from finding roots with The Fugees and Damian Marley. A voice and style of his own, Enji combines the soul of musical history with a smooth flow of cutting edge ideas. 

Rkb is the brains behind the beats, starting this project with the idea that a mixture of style, gender and culture will create colorful collaborations leading to a new and unique sound. Developing these tracks through the exploration of multiple worlds of music, Urband Soul are breaking the conventional to bring you an eclectic and harmonious blend of Hip Hop, Soul, R & B and Reggae. Characterized by their individual sound, and grounded by the unique perspective and freshness of Enji’s vocal and lyrical content, Urband Soul defy characterization, guided by one key word; groove. It can be argued that the new single and video “Transformation” is the apex of this journey.

“Transformation” begins with Enji standing quietly in a sterile room that represents a sense of purity, joined at various points by others in various states of their own transformation. One is a young child who appears to be half-girl, half-beast as she dances around Enji. she is dirty from the earth, but as she moves the dirt falls off as her metamorphosis comes to fruition. Enji is approached by a mysterious female donning a motorcycle helmet to hide her identity, luring him away from the purity of the white room. Another helmeted individual peers at him through the glass and soon Enji finds himself in a darkened room illuminated by crimson lighting as they move their bodies and dance to the beat. Enji’s transformation is complete as he succumbs to her temptation. Who are these mysterious figures? Is Rkb hidden underneath one helmet as the mastermind of the whole thing? Check out the video to get the full experience and find out for yourself!

All of us here at HIP Video Promo are very pumped to be working with Urband Soul to bring their new “Transformation” video to your screens. We are here to hook you up with anything you may need to get this video into your programming, so please get in touch with Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo team at (732)-613-1779, email us at info@HIPVideoPromo.com . You can also visit www.UrbandSoul.com for more info on Urband Soul.

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