Virtue Scripts “Heading For The Light”

Virtue Scripts
“Hanging For The Light”
Directed by Prudence Oliver
Virtue Scripts
Add date – 1/19/2024

About Virtue Scripts

With the operations to produce content with other creatives, Virtue Scripts understands what needs to be done to make something memorable. But it’s not necessarily looking for the limelight that comes with this work, but rather creating a light in others’ lives through music and art. Prudence Oliver, the UK based musical powerhouse is the progenitor of “All Things Virtue Scripts”, and this ambitious creative pays tribute to her late Mom in this electrifying new music video. Giving voice to the voiceless is the driving force for Virtue Scripts’ work, and she serves as a leader in navigating difficult situations, and she wants to make sure that no person feels chained down to the adversities of loss or depression. From darkness to light, Virtue Scripts brings anyone out of the trenches and back into the sunlight. And, no song can serve as a better reminder to stay focused and to keep moving through troubling times than “Heading for the Light”.

About “Heading For The Light”

We often find darkness and despair surrounding our lives, feeling like there is no way out of the heavy clouds. Visibility is nonexistent, and navigating through the smoke becomes an everlasting challenge. To Prudence, scanning for even the slightest chance of light can take you back to a bright future, and that often circles back to simply being yourself and not being afraid of the outcome. “Heading for the Light” is about the fight to escape the shadows. Often, you have to work as your source of light to scare away anyone or anything that may dim you, and Virtue Scripts’s light not only lights her way but the way for others.

About the “Heading For The Light” Music Video

The visuals of “Heading For the Light” show exactly what it feels like to be chained to the negativity of life by placing others in a cave with twists, rocky texture, and a seemingly never-ending journey. Tens of people have been decaying due to a lack of hope and light. The jarring movements of each person show the effect of looking for a sliver of purpose. But, each step, no matter how slow or small, brings them closer to what they long for most. With a grand leader, they walk through each turn until reaching the life they have always envisioned. From rags to clean garments and from frowns to smiles, finding the light with others by your side always makes the journey a bit easier.

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