Vision Of Harmony “Reunited”

Vision Of HarmonyArtist:
George Tsalickis
Add Date:
MAY 31, 2012

For sisters Angela and Valencia, the name Vision Of Harmony couldn’t be more appropriate. As siblings, their sound and look is about as harmonious as you can get, and much of that can be contributed to their shared DNA. But on top of that, there is also a higher power that brings them together to spread God’s word through music and to make it an all-inclusive process. Their strong values and love of family has helped to keep them true to their word and brought them here today, proud to present their new music video for “Reunited.”

The girls got their start early when they first began performing as The Freamon Sisters, where they sang at their local church. Down the road they formed the pop music girl group Bubblegum and Candy and gained a healthy amount of attention for the single “Boy, You Driving Me Crazy”. Eventually it was time to move on and in 2004 Vision Of Harmony was formed. The name (Vision Of Harmony) stems from their Vision Of seeing ALL people (regardless of race, age, gender, color or creed) living together in Harmony. The sisters went back to their foundation and devoted their music – like their lives, to Christ and wrote songs of His inspiration as an encouragement to others. They’ve since appeared on the Wendy Williams Show (once mentioned by name, and then a second time in person) and they’ve since been invited back once again for an upcoming appearance. This is no small feat for this group, and just a sign of many bigger things to come!

Their new video for “Reunited” has only been released for a few days and has already been attracting big views on YouTube and all of their social networking sites. The message of the video is clear, that the word of God can bring us all to a better place. Whether that be through becoming a better friend, or ditching a crippling habit, those who choose to walk with Angela and Valencia find comfort and solace in their message. The sisters begin their walk down a country road alone but by the end of the video it is a full blown crowd scene complete with people from all walks of life, like a true vision of harmony!

Once again, we’re proud to be working with Behind The Veil Records to bring you this up and coming new group that is sure to wow you and your viewers. If you need anything at all, please let us know! You can contact Andy Gesner and the HIP Video Promo crew at (732)-613-1779 or email us at . You can also for more info about Vision Of Harmony.



Vision Of Harmony