VO5 “We’re Getting Older”

Christopher Arcella
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March 23, 2016


Wisconsin Disco Superstars VO5 have been making a huge name for themselves lately with their colorful and catchy collection of songs and videos that have been blazing a new path in a stagnant musical landscape. In a world of artists who take themselves oh-so-seriously, it’s refreshing to have a group like VO5 breathe a breath of fresh air into our playlists. Once you take that deep breath of fresh air, it’s time to bust a move to the chill sounds of the new video “We’re Getting Older.”

Don’t, however, mistake this relaxed vibe for a lack of near-perfect execution of their unique blend of disco and funk. Their first offering was the interpretive dance-off themed “Dance Originality,” which perfectly captured the radiant energy of VO5. The video produced a plethora of attention, culminating with regular rotation on mtvU. As a follow up they dropped “The Disco Haiku,” a clip full of clever imagery executed with the help of a groovy pair of Barbie and Ken dolls.

For “We’re Getting Older” they’ve linked up once again with director Christopher Arcella, the man behind the lens for the “Dance Originality” video to deliver a lighthearted gem that is full of a“can’t-stop, won’t stop” kind of energy. The video picks up where “Dance Originality” left off, with the same couple seated on a dreary city park bench. It might be hard to find inspiration in this kind of weather, but once “We’re Getting Older” kicks up as the soundtrack the energy takes over and the pair gets their move on once again! While they were once dance rivals, they’ve found that they have much more in common than they have different and their synergy is instantaneous and undeniable.

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